how's it going?


so. hi.

i don't blog anymore, as you can tell.
i kind of want to write a long, eventful post, but really, all i've been doing :)
i've changed a lot. anything you remember about me is basically the opposite now.
not changed in bad ways, or even particularly good ways honestly. i'm just growing up, an' all. [i'm 15, not 13, as my v e r y outdated bio states].
i hope all my old friends from blogspot are keeping well.
i'm not deleting because i'm sure this will be fun to look back on in a few years. ;)


Ella and Hannah


I own the moon, earth dweller. Goodnight.. aaaWOOOOO!!!

She take my money
When I'm in need
Oh she's a trifling
Friend indeed
WHHOOA she's a golddigger! WaaaaAAY over time!
That digs on me.

Day 2


Hey Ella

Glad you enjoyed the last post.

Sleep tight :)

Hello Ella


I know you have discovered a new found interest for this blog.
However if you continue reading it out loud in public, I will break your arms.

Lots of love,