happy birthday to *SNEEZE*


Hello! :)

soo last post was the 100th post of Rainbow Juice/My-Pink Sprinkled Blog! << Lisa Clark phase, please do not laugh. Ok fine.. laugh.

happy birthday blog!

ALSO it is exactly three weeks until I am fourteen. Can't wait!

AND WHAT'S MORE I'm going to see Paramore (my fave band!) in December in Dublin!

AND WHAT'S MORE it's a staff day the day New Moon comes out!

OOOH and then it's nearly Christmas!

things are looking up.

aah I just cut my lip. and I have a cold.


*teehee*, loadsa love :)

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what did one cavegirl say to the other cavegirl?




geddit?? hahahahahah...

Enter the competition!


toodles :)

I love all that freaky stuff...


Hii :)

So, did anyone see the Derren Brown thing last night? It didn't work for me. And I wanted SO much to be hypnotised. :(

For anyone who doesn't know who Derren Brown is, he's this physic/mind-reader/magician/brain-wiz guy. I think he is very very cool. I don't really believe he is physic but he defo has 'supernatural' powers and knows all about the subconcious mind. I love all that stuff :) Like, he could ask someone a question and then show them what he had predicted (that's very toned down though, he's much cooler than that) so it seems like he's predicted the future, but I think he's just written down something random and then send signals to they're subconcious to make them choose it. See what I mean?

Although last Friday he actually predicted the Lottery numbers correctly live on TV!!! He's amazing! When I'm 16 or 18 or however old you have to be my friends and I are going to try that because he showed you how to do it.

Right.. well YESTERDAY (Friday) he tried this thing where he would try and interact with the TV viewers and literally stick people to their seats. So they couldn't get up. I watched it and sat correctly etc. but I don't think my head was in the right 'zone' or whatever.

If you haven't a clue what I mean, sorry! I'm just wittering on to myself, really.

BUT whenever I stood up my legs were REALLY heavy.

He said there weren't any side effects, but after the show was over I felt really weird. I was pretty hysterical to be honest, I was screaming at my mum and dad and acting really unlike me. Then I pretty much had a panic attack and I was kind of freaked a bit. I was struggling for air and breathing really heavily, but I thought I'd calmed down, because I was absolutely wiped out and kept half falling asleep, then the breathing thing started again.

I'm not sure why though. I wasn't scared watching it, I was really willing to do it. I just think that since he was trying to get to people's deep subconcious mine was messed up a bit.

Wonder what he'll do next week :)

(btw, don't hate Derren Brown. I still think he's very cool!)

kate :)

..I left my heart in Tokyo...!


hola ;)

Kind of abandoned the old blog over the past few days - sozzers! School is quite time consuming unfortunately!

<< listening to the song 'Left my Heart in Tokyo', hence the title. Also Pixie Lott's 'Boys and Girls' :) I'm in a very poppy mood today! I've suddenly become obsessed with the Jonas Brothers too!!! lol!

Nothing much is new... nothing show-stopping or mind-blowing going on... although I worked out today it is 5 weeks and 6 days til I'm 14! Starting to plan the party already!! Hahaha

I want to have a boy-girl party at my house but not so sure how well that'll go down with the folks. Anyone have any party ideas?

toodles! xoxoxxo

I Love RPattz :)


OMG! had to say!

Two weeks ago Rob P's film How to Be was iTunes 99p Movie of the Week (unforch I had already spent a tenner buying it like 5 months ago...) and this week it's Little Ashes!! Woop! Just telling all you UK iTunes users. Sozzies anyone else. :(

just letting you know!


first day & first youtube vid :)



School yesterday.. it was a half day, we just stayed in our form room and caught up with eveyone, got our timetables, paid our £20 for books, a few document wallets and 'printing costs'. Yeah right. It's a RIP OFF!! Plus we got our timetables. Double Physics followed by double Chemistry on Tuesdays. Fun.

Off today and then it officially starts tomorrow... bye bye summer!!

Guess what?!! I FINALLY made a video and uploaded it to ChickLitChicks2. If you want to see me (in person!! wow!) reviewing two books I read last week then search chicklitchicks2 on YouTube. Or don't if you would rather keep me as a mysterious blogger with no face...

Today is a chill day for me :) do u want to see the agenda? Well I'm going to write it down anyway.

1. shower (it's 12.15pm now.. but I'm on MSN so I'll probs do that around 12.45..)
2. get dressed
3. begin exercise regime (lol. it was in KISS magazine. Tone up in two weeks, apparently!)
4. read over notes from last summer's exams (coz my brain has rusted).
5. chill (watch TV or a movie or something..)
6. bath time (with new Sugar mag :P)
7. beddie byes!! at 9.30! Need to be fully refreshed for school in the morning!

Toodles xoxox

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