Christmas Aftermath


Did you all have a fantastic Christmas?!?

I really hope you did - and thanks for the comments on the last post by the way - I love hearing what people think of My Pink-Sprinkled Blog!!

When I woke up on Christmas morning I was so excited! Not just about all the prezzies that were downstairs (although that played a major part :D) just the thought of chilling out and having fun was enough to make me tingle to my tootsies. 

Omygosh omygosh omygosh! Listen to the prezzies I got - they are the bomb and I'm so happy and grateful to my parents. And Santa, of course. 

Nintendo Wii - WOW! It's the buisness, I'm so chuffed and a bit addicted to it actually.

Audrey Hepburn DVD boxset - I skipped around the table when I found this! Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Paris When It Sizzles, Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany's. My fave actress in one delightful package!

Games for the Wii - Mario Kart, Wii Play, Guiness World Book of Records (way more fun than it sounds - you run around the world doing records, there's Highest BMX jump, Fastest Time to Eat 10 Cockroaches, Melon Smashing..) and Wii Sports. Hours of fun - fabulous!!!

A gorgeous bracelet - 9 Carat Gold! It's beautiful - simple yet elegant. Love it.

Twlight (book) - I seriously have to recommend this. I started it yesterday night and I'm 3 quarters through it. It's SOO good!

Mamma Mia DVD - I love this movie! Honey honey, how you thrill me, uh huh, honey honey...

Elizabeth Arden Jewel Eyes set - It comes in a little wallet with a mirror - how cool? Very cool.

Chocolate - I value this as much as the Wii. Yumm..

Wow, it sounds so much when I write it all down, you probably think I'm a spoilt brat! But I'm sooo grateful and happy, tell me what you all got in your stockings too!

Before I go, you may be wondering what a veggie such as myself would eat for Christmas Dinner? I have nut roast - it's delish - as well as roasties and sprouts. Well, I pretend to eat those! 

Leave a comment and tell me about your Christmas!

Glossy lipped air kisses and sparkly pink fairy dust! (cute sign-offs are so much fun to make up!)

Kate xXxXx


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...



Wow wow wow it's the 23rd of December. And you know what that means...


Can you believe it? It doesn't really seem like Christmas to me. But I'm sure it will tomorrow night! I go to mass on Christmas Eve at an old peeps home. There's a church there and it's really lovely. All the kids sit down at the alter (altar? altor?) and I get to see my friends from primary school. By the way - I live in Northern Ireland and so Year 7 is our last year of primary school, equivalent to England/Scotland/Wales' Year 6. I'm in Year 9 but that's Year 8 to anyone who's a bit confused. Anyhow..

So, you remember that post I did a few weeks ago, about Eyeko? Well that's all part of my ambassador-ship. Go onto the website and email them about it. It's so cool - basically you big up Eyeko around the place and they send out 'lil freebies in the post every now and again! Just this morning I got the Pretty Eyes 5 in 1 eyeshadow set in a goody bag which they sent to all the ambassadors to say Happy Christmas and you all rock to quite an extreme level.

Alright - I've talked Christmas, make-up - now fashion! I went shopping for something to wear on Christmas. I've decided to wear purple - so I headed into New Look and luckily got everything under one roof! I got a simple purple tee that was only £4 so I could spend more on glamming it up with accessories. Then I bought a grey scarf with black designs on it (not a wooly scarf, if you know what I mean) which was £6 and a little black clutch bag with a big bow on it, which I thought was a fiver but it was around 8.30pm and they were getting rid of stuff, so it was only £2.50! I'm going to wear it with my dark skinny jeans and Ugs (not real ones!) Sounds nice? Tell me what you think :D

Well I think that's everything I wanted to talk about! Keep leaving comments etc, I always get really happy when people subscribe and leave a message! 

Merry Christmas!


Last Day of Schoooool!!!


SOO the mad-house known as school has ended for me. FOR TWO WEEKS! Aaah, two whole teacher/homework free weeks, just chilling out, having a laugh... bliss.

It was so much fun today, we sat in our form rooms munching sweets and watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It was mucho embarassamento watching it with our male form tutor, but you could just tell the boys loved it. 

Exams after Christmas though, so the hols will involve a bit of revision. Whatever though, I'm not gonna let it stamp on my happy mood...:)

For those of you who have another few days of school, I pity you, I really do, but soon enough we shall be united in our release...

Enjoy the break! 

smoochies XX

(p.s. by 'enjoy the break' I don't mean I wont be blogging again til after said break. Just have fun until next time is what I mean. Do I have to explain everything?!? :D XX)

Blog Discovery!


You may know the coolio Sara Leslie from her fabu book review site Dragonfly Book Reviews. 

Well, as much as she loves books, sometimes when they're all you can blog about, you need a blog where you can talk about random stuff!!!

Which is exactly what Sara did. Check out her random blog sara mush - for guaranteed giggles and randomness!!!

P.S she will still be updating Dragonfly Book Reviews

Big Sister


My second little blog story. Hope you like it :D

'Heather, why is it cold?'
'Heather, where are the birds going?'
'Heather, do you like that?'
'Heather, what's...'

'Amy! Enough questions. Time for bed.'

'Heather, noooo!!!'

Ah. The joys of being the older sister. Responsibilty, leadership, being a role model... Yeah, right.

Heather picked up her four-year-old sister and carried her up the stairs. Amy nestled her head in Heather's hood, wiping her snot all over her new jacket.

'Amy, don't do that! I'll get you a tissue.' 

'And some water?'

'Yes, Amy.'

'And a story?'

'Yes, Amy.'

Heather tucked her sister into bed and kissed her on the cheek.

'And a biscuit, Heather!'

As she walked down the stairs, Heather mentally crossed out her scheduled hour of 'me-time'. Bye-bye bubble bath, hello Peter Pan.

'Alright Amy. Ten minutes.'


And so, for fifteen minutes, Heather and Amy were lost in a world of fairies, magic, evil witches and talking animals. Until Amy started coughing.

'You OK, Amy? Here, drink your water.' Heather said to her spluttering sister. 

Amy coughed the water back up again. Her face was turning red.

'Amy? Amy! C'mon Amy, talk...' 

Heather realised her sister was choking. She felt sick.

Alright, come on, I can't just stand here.

Heather dragged her sister out of bed and tipped her over so she was coughing towards the ground. The coughs were dying though. She could barely hear her breathing.

OK, not working. She turned Amy around and saw a piece of biscuit in Amy's airway. 

'Alright, Amy I see the problem. Keep breathing...' Heather removed the soggy biscuit from her sister's mouth. After about 20 seconds her breathing was more steady.

'Amy! Amy, are you alright?'

'Yes, Heather. Now, finish the story.'

I'm a big sister to both of my siblings, and although it can be reeeeally annoying, and I get about 40 seconds of peace a day, I love them loads and would do anything for them. :)


Interview with... Vickee Venom!


If you have been looking for a new website to browse, you might have noticed the link to Vickee Venom under Cool Sites over to the side >>>

Well, I grabbed a couple of minutes with the fab jewellery maker Vickee who tells me about her site, passions, and ever-so-important boy crushes :)

Hey Vickee! Your jewellery is so cool, where do you get inspiration from?
Wow thanks Kate, glad you like it! Well I have inspiration from a lot of places really, obviously  the kind of things me and my friends are interested in and favourite game characters, but there are also some super-cute shops and idea-forums on the internet like on MySpace and Flickr which inspire me to make things.

What do you make the jewellery out of?
Mainly Hama Beads, I'm assuming you know what they are! :)
[just in case you don't, they are little beads that you make a design on a pegboard, then iron them to bind them together. I made a lot of my jewellery in my jewellery post from them]
And sometimes out of normal beads or charms.
Some are toy figures, lego blocks or army men which I've turned into bracelets and earrings that are pretty cool.

How come you decided to set up your own buisness and sell your creations?
Well I made a few bracelets and necklaces and bows etc. and a few people asked on Bebo where I got them. They were like 'Wow I want one' so I said I could make you one and they offered to pay. I thought I could make a bit of money selling them. I made a Bebo and a website and it got a lot more popular than I initially expected. I've made a fair amount of money from it!

Do you wear the jewellery that you make or do you buy some? 
I wear some of the jewellery, yeah, but not all of it. I think I wear my acrylic bat most. I also wear my earrings and use the keyrings on my bags and stuff. I do buy jewellery too, but not often. If I see something in a shop I will try to make it first but if I really can't then I'll buy it. 

What shops/websites are your fave for accessories?
Personally I'm a big fan of the jewellery in Topshop, and I adore the Hello Kitty necklaces in Claires, but I'll only buy it if it's completely amazing! :)

Describe your clothes style? 
Umm, in a word I'd say random. In more detail though I'd say sometimes it's simple skinny jeans and a cute top. Sometimes it's more unique and I'd wear dresses or skirts with thick tights. I also like wearing waist belts. I basically wear what I'm wearing on a lot of my photos. I don't like to fit in with the crowd, I think people should dare to wear what they want.

Apart from making jewellery and the website, do you have any other hobbies?
Hmm, my passion is really in modelling. Almost every week I have my picture taken by my best friend. It's always a lot of fun, I love editing it then seeing the finished image. So really my passions lie in photography, modelling and graphic design. And of course making cute jewellery!

What sort of music do you like?
I like all sorts to be honest, I couldn't possibly put a label on music taste! Anything from the charts to heavier stuff. I'm not too fond of R&B or Hip-Hop stuff. I suppose I could say I'm more into pop, indie rock and screamo. At the moment I'm really loving Regina Spektor and Kate Nash.

Who's your current celeb boy-crush?
Ooh there are too many! I wouldn't exactly say 'crush', but these are the ones I'm finding gorgeous!
- Ashton Kutcher. I would actually say I'm quite in love with him! Well maybe not but he isn't half lush...
-  I'm also a big fan of Johnny Depp, yumm...
- Oh and Eoghan and Ashton from the X Factor!!!

Do you have a role model?
Um, no, I don't have a role model. I don't really like trying to aspire to someone that I couldn't possibly live up to. I just want to get anything I can out of life as me. So really my role model is my future self, if you know what I mean. I do admire some people though, especially Tyra Banks, Lily Cole and Dakota Rose. :D

Thanks to Vickee for talking to me! Hope you like the interview. Kate XX

Love the Earth


Alright, confession time. I'm a serious save-the-world chica.

If that TV is left on stand-by, if your lamp is on and no-one's in the room, if you don't switch the toaster off at the wall when you're done, I will pounce.

OK, don't get scared! All I do is try to make the Earth a better place for future generations.

But coming up to Christmas, that is hard. Even for me. I'm so excited about tearing open a fab new gift, that recycling the packaging doesn't even cross my mind. 

So, I've resolved that this season I'm going to keep on saving the world, not put it on hold. You should too! And if you don't already recycle/energy-save/re-use/etc. here are some trés-facile (I had my French listening exam today, croissants and baguettes are still wandering around my mind) ways to have fun and help the enviornment.

1. Energy Saving
I luurve the twinkle of fairy lights around the Christmas tree in the evening, but if you're leaving yours on in the day, when you're at school, there's a bit of a problemo. Seriously, what's the point in leaving them on? But with the flick of a switch, your conscience is clean. 

2. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.
Oo-er. Grandma's just given you a hideous cardi that you know you wouldn't be seen dead in! But before you put it in the bin or burn it it's so ugly, why not give it to your local charity shop? You never know, someone might think it's a spectacular piece from Victorian times. Just spare your nan and tell her it's lovely.

If you're like me, and couldn't wrap a prezzie to save your life, and instead end up with wrapping paper stuck to your hair, don't chuck out the crumpled pieces of paper. Put it in your paper bin. Just make sure there's no bits of sellotape stuck to it, it's not recyclable.

Old jam jar about to be put in the rubbish? How about painting it and making it a pretty tea-light jar? Give it to someone as a gift, or keep it for the dinner table.

Cut down on landfill and make gift-tags out of old Christmas/Birthday cards.

3. Trees
Did you know that about six-million Christmas trees will be thrown out this year, creating more than 9,000 tonnes of waste?

Persuade your folks to get an artificial tree instead of buying a real one every year. Artifial trees can be taken apart and put up again every year. This saves loads of landfill.

4. Prezzies
My friends and I have a Secret Santa every year, it's so much fun. Tip - don't buy cheap little things that fall apart in a minute. They have to be thrown out. I'd rather spend a fiver on some make-up and hair prods for someone than a quid on rubbish.

Hope this helps you have a enviro-friendly Christmas!
P.S, it's only 2 weeks! So excited!

Eyeko Fabulousity!


Like most teen girls out in the big wide world, I love make-up. Spending an afternoon in Boots or Superdrug, then experimenting with my buys for a party in the evening... bliss.

Which is why I've decided to big up EYEKO! Along with Barry M and Miss Sporty, Eyeko is now officially one of my new fave brands!

The stuff..


 Lip Balm is super important - who wants dry, cracked, sore lips? Answer:
 no-one baby. Eyeko Fat Balm comes in 3 fabu flavas, Strawberry,                                                        Raspberry and Minty. And at only £5 it's the perfect stocking filler for you
 or a friend! Yumm...



OK, I have this one, and I seriously recommend it for all you show-                                                      stoppers and glamour-pusses out there! It's soo cool, dip it in some                                                      eyeshadow and it comes out the liquid eyeliner version of the colour!
 It's totally worth it at £5.


You've got to love the adorable packaging on these Eyeko goodies. 
 But in the Eyeko Cream, inside it is a whirlwind of 3 in 1 moisturiser, 
highlighter and eye-cream! Infused with Vitamin A, C and D too, so you can look great and treat your skin all at once. £5 - bargain!



  Once you've applied the cream, make your face sparkle and glitter
  with the sparkle powder. Smells divine, too! £5


 After a hard day of looking gorgeous, wipe off your make-up and                                                         settle down to sleep. The wipes are super-cleansing, natural and                                                        contain Vitamin E. You've gotta love it. £5

  The perfect Christmas prezzie. Get loadsa fab Eyeko goodies in the                                                    exclusive Eyeko celebrity Gift Set. Worth £25 but Eyeko is just so                                                        wonderful that they're doing it for £15.  Contains Tinted Face Cream,                                                Strawberry Fat Balm, a Manga book, Magic Glitter Eyeliner, Eye                                                          Beauty Cool Eyes eyeshadow, and 5 of the Eyeko Face Off Wipes.                                                    Phew!

All this awesome stuff AND MORE is available at good ol' Superdrug and check out for the whole range. 

Love yas

Christmas Indulgences


Omagosh. It's less than 3 weeks til Christmas.


There are tons of good things about Christmas. Spending time with family, friends, laughing, the warm feeling you get when you give and the excited feeling when you receive! (I put that one last 'coz I don't want to seem really selfish. But we all love it when we have prezzies under the tree)

And the food. Oh..the food. I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat turkey, I opt for scrummy veggie Christmas Dinner grub. But that doesn't mean I can't indulge myself on other goodies...

Mince Pies - seriously, who invented these? Warm from the oven (well, reheated in the microwave) oozing sweet fruits and raisins, coated with cream..or custard..or ice-cream.. 

Selection Boxes - YUM! Nothing better than sweets for breakfast on Christmas morning!

Celebrations/Roses/Heroes - OK, most of these foods will be sweets. Hey, it's Christmas! My faves are the Purple one, the Galaxys, the Strawberry Cremes...well, all of them.

Shloer - This is a Christmas tradition in my family. 

What are your Christmas indulgences?

Make your own....HAIRCLIPS!


This super cool girl Jackie left a comment on my last post where I showed you the jewellery I've made. I was checking out her blog (which is really fabu btw) and she had on her Christmas wishlist these funky hairclips she would like. know me.. if I can make it I do.. so I thought I'd show you all how to make hairclips like the ones on Jackie's blog!!

You will need

Plain cheapo hairclips (CLIPS not slides)

Buttons or charms or ribbon

Superglue (borrow some from the tech department if you don't have any)

Buttons or charms

Figure out where you want the button or charm to go. Well, obviously it's going to be on the thicker part, but if you have a smiley charm or something and you place it upside-down, it'll look weeeeird. So put the clip in a place in your hair you'll probably wear it. When you're sure it's right, dot some glue on the clip and pop it in place. Leave to dry completely for about 30mins-1hr.


Ribbons look seriously funky in hairclips. Whatever colour or pattern, even if it's from a birthday cake. Tartan will look spesh cool.

Anyhow you need about 50cm of it. Tie it in a cute bow, and do the same thing where you make sure it's in the right place. Dot some glue on the clip, then hold the ribbon firmly in place.

Voila! Your own funky and free hairclips. :P

Funky and Home-Made!!!


You blog-readers don't really know this, but I luurve making jewellery. Spesh out of Hama beads, or from my massive charm collection.

   This is a lightening strike, cloud and rainbow made out of Hama beads on a silver bead chain

 Here's a blue PacMan ghost made out of Hama Beads. On a gold chain.

 This is a blue and white anchor made out of, once again, HAMA BEADS! on a silver chain.

 Anothenautical one made out of an anchor charm and black ship wheel, on a gold chain.

 If it's Hello Kitty, I've got it :D Made out of Hama beads on a silver chain.

 I love this one! Big smiley charm on a silver chain

  Hey! It's a Mario Mushroom!!! He's dangling on a funky red string.

 OK, how funky is this?!? Charm bracelet with charms like cherries, crayons, hearts, cupcakes and treble clefs.

  Pretty little earrings on silver fishhooks


In Lisa Clarks fab book, (it was either Think Pink or Beauty*Licious) she says it's a fabby idea to have a customizing case. Here's some pics of mine.

 The case...

 Handy measuring tape...

 Needle and thread

 Giant charm collection

There's also a fabric pouch and space for holding studs and fish-hooks.

So, go on, from pinning a badge on your blazer to making a full outfit with a sowing machine, customizing is loads of fun and shows people how original you are!!!

Love love love
Kate XXX

note - not all of these are my own idea. check out vickee venom, that's where I get inspiration

Multi-Lingual Fabness


I don't have an official Life-List, but travelling to as many places as is humanley possible is defo on my mental list. And as I love saying things like 'cool', 'awesome' etc, I thought how fabu would it be to say them in a zillion languages!?!?! Well. Eight.

All the words translate as awesome or cool or fab or sweet etc. etc. etc. 

Spanish - impresionante (im-pres-ee-on-an-tay)

French - choette                (shoe-et)

German - kühl (kwo-hul)

Japanese - kawii (ka-why-ee)

Italian - grande (grand-ay)

Portuguese - maravilhoso (mar-a-vil-oso)

Russian - сладостно (googley-blah-blah)

Dutch - hut verbazen (hoot vair-bay-zen)

note: I used an online translator so 'cool' and 'sweet' and 'awesome' are probably literal. Plus I only guessed the pronounciations. The only one I'm sure of is the French one because I learnt it in school. I cannot be held responsible if you try them out and look like a goon.

Games Galore!


these games are the coolest!!!

Fab for rainy days...

If only we could really evaporate the clouds with mini hearts and stars!



I love the way Mizz Hannah and Little Miss La La (check out their blogs, c'est trés bien) write little stories on their blogs. I thought I'd do that too, 'coz it looks fun!


Emily trudged through the damp, deserted park. Back to a world of anger and tears. 
She shivered as she took out her mobile. 4 new messages flashed up on the screen. Emily knew she wouldn't want to open them. She knew it would only make her more upset, and scared. But she couldn't just put the phone back in her pocket. She had to know what they said.

'get lost freak! we don't want u here.'
'u think ur so great. how come no-one likes u then?'
'go back to where u came from'

The last message created a lump in her throat. Her eyes welled up. Her hands went stiff. The phone dropped onto the wet ground, skidded, and landed beside an old, gnarled tree. They really didn't like her here. They hated her.

What had she done? 
The only thing that set her apart from the other students at St. Mary's College was her chocolate brown face. Her skin colour.
The girls at her last school never did anything like that. There were at least 5 coloured kids in her class. Emily wasn't the most popular girl in the class, no way, but she had friends. Lots of friends. People thought she was nice. She was never bullied.

Bullied. That's what those nasty, mean girls were doing. Bullying her. You'd think she'd know that. Since Emily was five years old it had been drilled into her head by teachers and her parents that bullying was wrong, a bad thing. She knew that if someone does anything you don't like to you, you have to tell someone. Why hadn't she realised before? 

Emily knew what she had to do. She sprinted out of the park, her feet pounding as hard as the rain that had just burst from the sky. Pushed open her house gate, turned the key in the lock and ran up the stairs, slamming her bedroom door. 

She took out her phone and dialled 0800 1111. Childline.

Note: This is not a true story, but thousands of children have, are or will be bullied at sometime in their lives. You don't have to suffer. Talk to a parent, close friend or trusted teacher, or call Childline on 0800 1111. Whatever your problem, you can tell them and they will offer you advice. Plus it's completely confidential, and it won't come up on your phone bill.




Have you ever been, like, really inspired? And really admire someone? 

Lisa Clark.

Wow. What a girl.

If you haven't read Think Pink, Beauty*Licious, It's a Girl Thing or Viva la Diva, get out from under that rock and go make your life a bubble of pink smiles.

If you're feeling the credit crunch, but want to be inspired by Lisa and her fiesty character Lola Love, check out and

Lisa is so amazing. Before reading Think Pink I look in the mirror and only saw what I didn't love about me.

But after Think Pink, I was like, why did I waste time hating myself? All those opportunites I've missed, because I wasn't confident enough.

Well woo-hoo-hoo I am now a ray of sparkley fab-ness!!!

Seers (seriously) girls, check her out.

Get it done, girlfriend!!!


I come with great wisdom, girls... to get things done a.s.a.p...

I have two minutes to bestow my wisdom upon you, as I am determined to start my homework at 5.00pm...

OK, I know it sounds impossible to start on time, but you will get whatever you're doing done so much faster!

I have got English homework (newspaper report on a big happening in Macbeth)
and Maths (have to check homework diary. After Mr.Hamilton said 'Homework' all I heard was blah de blah de blah blah blah) due tomorrow.

Sorry I'm talking about homework. Anyhow, the moral of the blog is, start on time, finish with time!

Smoochies XXXX

First post :)



What is really cool about Blogger is that it really is just a blog. I mean, obvs, Bebo and Myspace etc. are great, I couldn't live without them, but you can't really just write, ya know? I really feel this blog is just for me. In fact, it is, unless it suddenly becomes wildly famous, which I doubt. But that's OK. 

My blog is going to be a mish-mash of happy, sad, random, angry, excited, everything. It's going to have my latest OMG!, thought, amazing recipe (vegetarian or smothered in chocolate, natch) favourite word, something that happened to me, stories, poems, mag articles, recommended movies...the list goes on. You get it.