Maths - :( and :)


Last two periods every Friday, I have double maths.

It truly truly sucks! It's just so boring! Science is worse though...

Anyhooo - This hour of maths this afternoon was possibly the worst, yet funniest hour of maths in my grammar school life. 

First - a boy in my class was off yesterday, and he phoned someone to get the homework, but they only told him half of what we actually had to do. Mr. Hamilton (maths teacher, I call him Hammy for short) asked him who told him that, but the boy didn't want to say 'coz he felt he would betray his 'friend' or whatever. So Hammy told him to wait outside to 'think about it'. Typical teachers. Oldest trick in the book. We just stand out there and text someone or listen to iPods etc. 

Hammy must have been pretty annoyed (the boy - his name is Fionn ((pronounced Fin)) was being a good friend - it was a nice thing to do, trying not to get his mate in trouble, but Hammy just thought he was being inconvenient) so, in a spur of lets-annoy-the-adolescents moment, he moved everyone around. So instead of sitting beside one of my girlfs, I'm now stuck beside this dude who loads of my friends fancy! I'm basically the only one who doesn't. He picks his nose, for flips sake. And they know this! Love is blind, I s'pose. 

And then, while we were all grumbling, he decided to evaluate our skills with negative numbers by asking two questions to everyone. Amazingly I got away with both questions correct. Phew. 

He must have been having a real urge to make us hate him. He gave us twenty ridiculous questions to do for homework. Negative numbers again. And question 1 has four questions and each of the four questions in Q1 has like 15 parts to it. Minus minus 5 multipled by minus 8 added to 7 minus 9. Have I confused you enough?

So, there I was, stuck beside the nose-picker, taking these questions down, when, suddenly, a great big ker-thump-bash came from behind me. 

The two boys sitting at the desk behind me had been swinging on their chairs, but had gone too far and grabbed the table for support, bring it down with them. So when I turned around, all I saw was a desk, two chairs and two boys, with their feet up in the air. 

It was silent, apart from a few 'what happened's from the corner, and then a few titters, and then I burst out laughing. 

You cannot even fathom how funny they looked. It was so friggin' hilarious!!!!!!
I got the best view. I don't think anyone laughed as hard as me!

They got a two page essay on chair-safety though. I feel bad for them, and all, but it would have been worth it if it was me. 

The complete hilarity of the situation cancelled out the crap-ness of the first 45 minutes. 

Maths is so unpredictable.


Music Game!


Fun GUARANTEED! I got this from Pink World (check it out, home of fabbity fabulous writer-girl Lisa Clark. I did it ages ago but just remembered it randomly there! Haha!! Post your results in a comment, or on your blog, 'coz it is a bit lengthy for a comment. If you want to leave a message choose, say, your five faves.


What you have to do:

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Minamp, etc on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put the artist after a dash following the song name.
5. Put any comments in brackets.
6. Tag other people.

a. How would you describe yourself?

Dancing Queen - ABBA (hey! that's great! you can can jive...)

b. How do you feel today?

Sea of Love - Cat Power (guess I am pretty full-of-love today. cyber-hug!)

c. What is your life’s purpose?

Waking Up In Vegas - Katy Perry (LOL! I do want to go to Las Vegas!! I wouldn't call it my life's purpose, but, still...) 

d. What is your motto?

Teenage Kicks - The Undertones (YES! Sweet teens....)

e. What do you think about very often?

Girls and Boys In Love - The Rumble Strips (alright..I really don't think about it very often...!)

f. What is your life story?

Yes Sir I Can Boogie - Baccara (why am I getting all these dancing type songs?? I really CAN'T dance!!)

g. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Everything Is Average Nowadays - Kaiser Chiefs (I suppose I want to do something big, fun. I am ambitious!)

h. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Hold On - Razorlight (hold on to my man! hahaha!!)

i. What will they play at your funeral?

Foundations - Kate Nash (hmm..interesting)

j. What is your hobby/interest?

Please Don't Stop The Music - Rihanna (uncannily accurate! Music is such a big part of my life.)

k. If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

I Found Out - The Pigeon Detectives (Well, learn something then I guess...)

j. What do you want most of all?

Turn It Up - Robots In Disguise (OK!! Turn up my iPod, gladly!!!)

k. What is your greatest fear?

Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation (well, if my eyes went on fire I would be pretty scared, so yeah.)

l. What is your darkest secret?

Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club (alright, I admit it. I love ice-cream. lol!!)

m. What is your favorite thing in the world?

In The Morning  - The Coral (once I'm actually up, yes)

n. If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?

If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix (if I was sick...)

o. What is your theme song?

She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks (yaay!)

p. The next time you hear this song (aside from now, that is), you must dance.

Guess Who Ran Off With the Milkman? - The Pipettes (I already dance everytime I hear this!)

How much fun is that?!?


Friday I'm in Love... ♫


No school! Staff day! Excellent!!

I'm sitting at the computer, sipping orange juice, 11.11 am.. listening to The Cure - Friday I'm in Love. I love this song, I felt a bit out-of-the-blue nostalgic for it, but I forgot what it is called, so I was typing 'monday tuesday wednesday' etc. into YouTube! It worked!!

Guess what came in the post for me four minutes ago... Georgia Nicolson's Fabbity Fab Journal (for jotting down your own secret confessions) and a CD/DVD marker that writes on just about anything. It's so cool. I won them from SwapitShop - you should go on it! I've won so much cool stuff from it!

Hmm, my weekend. I know you're all just dying to hear about my fun-filled life, haha! Well Open Day on Saturday was alright, a bit boring... I was making prints and working on my clay model thing. I fell out a bit with two of my friends because I 'ditched' them to do clay when the teacher asked me. It was so stupid, then they said they weren't going to come to the cinema on Sunday... immature, I know!! 

After that, headed into town with another friend, went to her ballet (they were so good) and then saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I know it's a kiddy movie but there was nothing else on that we hadn't already seen. It was OK! ;)

Sunday, went to see Twilight again (major movie weekend, hehe). Yes, the two friends from Open Day showed up! They are my bezzies though, so I forgive them. I suppose. My other two bezzies came too. One of them is reading Twilight and we both LOVE it and the movie. One of them basically laughed all the way through the movie - I was, like, so annoyed! Both of us were. 

[sorry it's getting so confusing, me saying 'one of them' and 'the other two' etc. I just don't really want to use any names, lol!] 

You know, 'cause they wanted to see it. I'd already seen it before. I just went because I wanted to spend time with them.. and then when I asked one what they'd thought she said 'It was OK.'

It was OK? Alright, that's her opinion, but there are about five million people in the world who disagree with you, honey! I'm sort of starting to see them in a new light. Or a new dark, rather. No, I still love them.

I'm listening to The River Flows in You now by Yiruma. I'm really not a classical music type of girl, but this is so beautiful. It isn't the official 'Bella's Lullaby', but I still love it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Is this blog getting too personal? These aren't necessarily rhetorical questions.. Maybe I should keep the friends etc problems to my diary and me, just in case lots of people from school read this and it turns into a fall out. But this blog is so theraputic! <>

Anyhow. I'm glad I got all this stuff off my chest!!

Kate xoxox

TGI Friday!


Hey hey..

It's been a whole 5 days since I posted! I haven't been on the computer in so long! What's happening to me?

On Monday I downloaded the Twilight movie soundtrack. I know it came out months ago - but I LOVE IT! Seriously!!! I listen to it 24/7. I nearly got caught listening to it in class.. hehehe. I'd say what my faves are - but I love all of them. 

More Twilight biz (yes, I'm obsessed with Twilight. Deal with it!!!) I finished Breaking Dawn! Omygosh... it was increds. Best book in the series. I cried SO MUCH when I finished it, just because it actually said 'the end'. Ladees, I bawled my eyes out. But it was like 11pm so I was trying to muffle my sobs and then I started hiccuping... and then I realised how funny that sounded and I was under the covers laughing and hiccuping and crying at the same time. =)

Does anyone know if Stephenie Meyer is going to continue writing Midnight Sun? I read on her website she was really disappointed it was the first 12 chapters were leaked (well, who wouldn't be?!?!?) and she was going to get on with other writing projects. So is that it? Is she abandoning it? I haven't read the chapters that were leaked, (she posted them on her site but she said it was only a draft and she'd rather fans didn't read it), so I didn't. I was going to wait until the book was released over here. But if it's not going to come out.. I might as well. Edward's point of view sounds like such a great idea, I loved in Breaking Dawn when it went from Bella to Jacob to Bella again.

I love Stephenie Meyer. She is such an amazing author... I'm going to buy her book The Host. 

What else happened today... I went to the orthodontist. I'm getting my braces off next week! Woohoo!!

I'm just out of the bath (I have chill-time every Friday, lol. Bubble bath, mag and hot chocolate. Bliss...) but I was nearly blinded in my right eye. BLINDED. I got shampoo in it, and it wasn't just a bit that you can blink out, I was salvaging my eyeball for 20 minutes. Whenever I finally opened it, it sort of closed by itself. I truly thought my sight had been lost.

Drama queen? Me?

It's my school's Open Day tomorrow. Oh, joy. Open day is where P7s come to look at the big schools. I'm working in art, which should be OK. I get to work on my clay model, smile and chat to the primary school kids and their parents (so much fun!!!) and muck about with my friends at break. It starts at 9.30 on Saturday. Nine thirty! you may gasp. Yes, it's early, but I'm missing orchestra which starts at 9am on Saturdays. I play the violin, by the way. It's, well.. boring. Trying to convince dear mother to let me get a drum kit or a guitar amplifier etc. I'll have to keep practicing Guitar Hero in the meantime.

Laters... ;)

Kate xoxox

Labels. Ah, they suck.



You know the way I'm really deep and everything? With always something intellectual and fascinating to say? 

OMG, seriously don't drink water that's been left out overnight. If it looks bubbly, and it's not lemonade, don't go anywhere near it unless you are literally dying of thirst. It tastes like PUKE.

Yes, well, in R.E we've been studying different denominations of Christianity (Catholics & Protestants), and I realised that this whole 'labels' thing is just crap. 

And not just religious labels. I'm Catholic, and I go to a Catholic school, but SO WHAT? Seriously? That's just one thing I am. I'm also a Libra and I mostly like pop and indie guitar type music, and I'm a vegetarian, and I'm a serious book junkie and I'm a chocaholic.. the list goes on. 

I live in Belfast, and there was a lot of tension between Catholics and Protestants. A lot. And that's settled down now, what with ecumenism etc. But maybe people are just fed up of being judged by what church they go to or what part of the city they live in. 

Really, if someone said to me 'Hey, I'm a Protestant.' I'd be just like, 'Oh, really? Have you seen [insert movie name in here].' 

Or if there was a girl in my year who had a black school bag with skull and MCR badges stuck on, I'd still be completely interested in what her opinion on global warming, or something, was. 

Hmm. I wonder if cliques annoy me too. Actually, now that I think about it, they don't. If you like hip-hop and want to hang around with people who also like hip-hop, that's perfectly normal. Having things in common. What is bad, is when people of said hip-hop group refuse to talk to or be friends with someone from the drama club. That's really stupid. Because that person could introduce you to a whole new thing. What's wrong with being a hip-hop loving drama girl? Or boy. But the majority (actually whole) of the commenters and followers are les filles. 

So whatever your colour, creed (beliefs), nationality, music taste, fashion sense, etc. etc. etc. it doesn't matter. 'Cause you are unique and beautiful, baybee! 

Aw, I'm all full of love at the mo. 
Love love love, Kate

xoxox xD



sup foo'.

yeah yeah, it's been a week since I blogged. shut up. just kidding...

I had exams (boo, hiss) but they're OVER! WOO! I won't spend a year telling you about them, because I feel a coma coming on, but mostly good. Except for Tech. I hate tech. 

8 followers! Thanks so much! I thought this blog was a bit boring, tbh*. I love all of you subscribers in a cyber-friendship sort of way. 

* Just because I originally thought it was boring, don't think 'Oh, she's right, maybe I should unsubscribe and go play Frisbee or something.' OK, not a good example, because Frisbees are so cool!!! But you get my drift. This blog is interesting.. and funny.. tell your friends.....!!!

I haven't been on the computer in AGES. 6 days is a very long time. I used to be, like, addicted, but it's wearing off a bit. I need a new website to keep me occupied. Any ideas?

I'm getting this font size changing thing from Hippoleetoo. (a blogger gal). I'm going to do it all the time! You see what you started, Hippoleetoo?

Just blogging to say howdy-hey-ho. Leave me a comment, say hello, etc. etc. 

Smoochies O..xx (that's a big hug and two air-cheek-kisses. See?)

Kate xD

P.S I saw Bride Wars yesterday and I thought it was a cute girly flick :P Recommended for Friday night girl bonding time!

Sundays and Musicals


Happy Sunday!

Sundays are my lazy days. Unless I'm doing something. Then it's just Sunday.

Kate's analysis of weekends: 
Friday - happy, free
Saturday - super-fun, jam-packed, smiley
Sunday - lazy, lie-about-and-do-nothing, painting toenails-type-of-day. Not boring, just Sunday. 

I have nothing against Sundays. I like Sundays.

xD   <<> Look! It's a little guy smiling! Aw, c'mon, that's hilarious! xD so beats :D. FACT.

Poutalicious left a comment on my last post (Twilight excitement, Friday high) asking whether I'd seen Hairspray, 'coz she thought I'd love it.

Yess, I do love Hairspray! And the whole thing got me started on musicals. Here are my top five...

1. Mamma Mia! The Movie.
Absolutely fabs! Sophie is getting married, but has no idea who her father is, and she wants him to give her away! After reading her mum's diary she discovers she has three possible dads, and invites them all to the wedding. But can she find out who her real dad is and keep them hidden from her mother at the same time? THIS is the musical you want to watch at a sleepover with your bezzies. Put it on sing-a-long mode, dance about and warble along to ABBAs hits!!!

2. Moulin Rouge!
I love this movie! This guy Christian moves to Paris because he wants to get into this culture who I've forgotten the name of. He meets this musical troupe who are putting on a show called Spectacular! Spectacular! who hope to do it in the Moulin Rouge in Paris. The girl who gets a part in it is supposed to spend the night with Duke who wants to buy the cabaret, but ends up accidently picking Christian instead! Brilliant and sad and funkadellic all at the same time. Watch it snuggled up in your jammies with a tub of Ben & Jerrys. xD

3. Funny Face!
Audrey is the bees-knees in this movie! It's defo one of my faves of hers. Bookstore worker Jo is perfectly happy as an intellectual, opinionated librarian but when Dick, fashion photographer, discovers her and insists she comes to Paris to do a shooting for Quality magazine, Jo only goes because she wants to talk to this French philosopher. Too bad nothing's simple in the city of luuurve... 

4. Grease!
OK, who doesn't love this movie? New girl Sandy meets cool dude Danny and get lost in a summer romance... but when they find out they're at the same high school, will their clique differences break them apart or bring them closer?!?! Coolest songs ever that will stay in your head for at least 3 days or so. Grease is the word. 

5. Hairspray!
[have you noticed all musicals seem to have an exclamation mark?!]
I'm talking about the new version, by the way, with Zac Efron and John Travolta. Pleasantly plump Tracy Turnblad loves dancing, so when she gets a spot on the Corny Collins teen dancing show she is overjoyed! It's so unfair that the coloured kids only get to dance on the show once a month, but she's the only one who feels like this. So with the help of some seriously cool dance moves and cheery, happy songs, Tracy tries to intergrate the show! Hey, it's the 60s!

What are your fave musicals?

Kate xxx

P.S yeah I know it's Monday today. I'm off school today on a study day as exams start tomorrow (eek), but I didn't finish this post yesterday so I decided to grace you all with my wisdom. You're welcome xD



Everybody loves Fridays. I always treat myself to a mag and bubble bath in the evening every Friday, but today, it's even better.


I got the first book, Twilight, for Christmas, and devoured it.  Haha, get it. Book about vampires, devouring, see what I did? Waddya mean no?!

Anyhow, it was so amazingly fabby. I read it in two days I think. I finished it in the afternoon, then that night I picked it up and started it again. Yes, that's how marvy it is. So a few days later I ordered the rest of the series on amazon.. and the rest is history. :P

I've seen the movie too, fortunately after I read it. It was good, but nothing compared to the book. I've noticed that the people who haven't read the book thought it was amazing, but the yes-readers thought it was a bit of a disappointment. So if you liked the movie, you will LOVE the book. LOVE. Have I emphasised 'love' enough? =)

Just blogging to share my excitement!

kate xxx

apologies tessa and american peeps!


OK, here's the dealio.

Second post yesterday, I said 'There are, like, 100 sites. God I just sounded American.'

And [tess], who is trés cool btw - her blog is awesome, said something along the lines of 'What's wrong with being/sounding American?'

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. There is nothing wrong with being American. What?!? I blog about my thoughts, my day, life etc. If I said 'There are like 100 sites' to a friend, they wouldn't say 'You sound American.' What's the difference? I want to live in America for flip's sake. As well as Paris and London. Rome probably too. 

But in my head, it sounded American. I don't know why either. HONESTLY I'm not thinking of excuses or anything. I said it in my head with an American accent. And typed down how I just sounded American. The word 'God' before it probably made it sound worse, like it was a bad thing. It was NOT. I was just blogging my thoughts.

And then I went on Tess's blog to leave a comment to apologise etc, and I kept clicking Post Comment but it wouldn't come up. I made her hits thing go from like 24 to 32 or something. Lol =). Anyhow on her blog she had posted about discrimination about Americans, and it was probably sparked off by me. I really was so upset. The whole post wasn't about what I'd said, obvs, but still. I was soo not assuming stuff, about most people not meeting American people and think they are stupid. I have met Americans, actually, I have a few relatives there and a few friends who either moved from America to Ireland or are born and bred Americans. 

So, to Tess mainly, but if there are any other American bloggers who happened to have stumbled across my last post and thinks I am some sort of discriminating bitch, I am SO SORRY if you were offended. I actually love America and can't wait til I go to Calafornia!!!

Please forgive me =( 

kate xxxxxxxx

Hey, I'm OK :)


Yes, I write two posts in the same day. You gotta problem with that, punk?

Hahahaha. Only joking :P

Alriiiight.. I was only grumpy earlier. My life wasn't ending 'coz my computer's sound broke. Oh, by the way - it's working again!! Hahaha!!!

Like the new look? Discovered a site where you can add Blogger Templates, forget the name but type in blogger templates on Google and choose one. There are, like, 100 sites. God I just sounded American. 

Unfortunately it makes all your widgets disappear, which is why I've spent the last 18 minutes adding Sites You Should Sight. Way better than the last website widget though, there are some dazzling new features. OK so my fave movie list and book poll is gone, but I'll update whenever I can! 

Life is good. Exams next week, music listening tomorrow, but still, life is good. 

Bad Day :(


Second day back at school. I'd forgotten how dull school tends to be.. :(

OK, OK, maybe I'm just feeling a bit pessimistic. It's good catching up with my friends and the mates I didn't see over the hols.. but we've exams next week and we've been getting stuck into the work. I wish we had exams before Christmas, then there's no stress about revising and when you're back you don't really do any work for a day or so... that would be better. Oh well :P

Plus my computer's sound is broken, so I can't listen to music or watch vids on YouTube until it's fixed. 

Hurry up weekend! Sorry for such a grumpy post, but it's good to get it out of my system!

I need something to cheer me up. I think there are KitKats in the fridge...

Later alligators xxxx

Happy New Year!!!


Wow, 2009. 

A whole new year to be happy, have fun, think pink... a fresh start to be whoever we want!

My New Year's resolution is to be a little more organised. To start me off I've bought a cute little diary where I can jot down party times, homework deadlines, and when just to have fun! What are your resolutions?

I can't help feeling just a little bit sad, though. At 11.55pm, minutes before the New Year, I privately say goodbye to 2008 in my head. It was a great year, my first year in secondary school, made loads of new friends, listened to new music, read new books, developed my personality, my own sense of style...
Tell me what was great about your year, too. :D

But all that's going to continue! I am determined to make this year as fabulous as all the previous. You should too!!!

My Pink-Sprinkled Blog will have plenty of new fabby posts. Another resolution, to keep the blog as interesting and pink-sprinkled as poss!

Before I go, is anyone else slightly obsessed with Robert Pattinson, a.k.a Edward Cullen in Twilight?!? Serious hottie alert!!!!!!

Lots of love and hugs and stuff

Kate xox