bye bye, 00s!


hellooo bloggers!

Well I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! What did Santa bring everybody? I gots me a camera, v cool iPod dock && some clothes/books/other etcs.

I can't believe it's the end of the noughties! A whole decade has passed.. I wonder what the teenies will bring. When you think about it, it's pretty big, like the end of the 70s,80s,90s. The 00s brought us the iPhone, Britney Spears' meltdowns, the return of the 80s (wonder if the 00s will make a come back in 20 years? I think the future generation could do with some blazers, jeggings, the smokey eye and bodycon if you ask me..), swine flu, a Black president of the US, the Iraq war, a shredded economy, a whole massive Nintendo explosion, the beginning of Harry Potter and Twilight obsessions.. I could go on. We sure got a good run out of the past 10 years..

I think what the whole world needs is some hope, faith and determination. Hope that the human race can overcome all the crazy shit (scuse my french).. faith in who we are and determination to achieve a better place for us all to be born, to live, and to die.

I like the New Year, though. My resolutions are:
1) try to see the positive in everything, and by the end of the year be a slightly better person.
2) save my pennies. no more blowing it in topshop or on mags!
3) finish the impossible quiz. It's driving me CRAZY.
4) stop drinking so much diet coke.

I still have five hours & 54 minutes to chug down as much as possible though. Wonder how mental I'll be at midnight.. *shudder*

Looking forward to reading all about what you thought of the year/decade. Oversharing is still black, ya know. So go forth and BLOG!

big hugs!
Kate xoxoxox




Just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, hope you & your families have a lovely holiday!

and for all the vegetarians - NUT ROAST IS THE FUTURE.

see ya'll in the new year!


I can't think of a cool enough title


Paramore were AMAZING :-)

seriously! they were the best live band I have EVER seen... was screaming and jumping up and down the whole night with Hannah! woooot.

we got back at like 2am coz we had to drive back from dublin.. crashed in the car.. then conked out as soon as we got back to my house!

but really if you like paramore & get the chance to see them, GO.

that is all.


ignorance is MY new best friend ;-)


Hello :))

I'm going to see Paramore tomorrow...!! Can't wait!

but I don't know what to wear!!! :-O





I was just wondering if anyone has seen Paranormal Activity? I kind of want to see it... but then again I really really don't..!! Some girls in another class saw it and they were scared stupid and were crying--sleeping in their parents room... but said it was good!

so if you've seen it could you leave a comment saying what you thought? 

                                           thank you xx

new frickin moon.


Good evening.

My name is Kate and I am writing to inform you of a movie I recommend you see. It is called 'New Moon' and is the second part of the very successful 'Twilight Saga'.


I saw it on it's release date on Friday with Hannah (RealFlan) at 11.45am. I never thought I would care so much about a movie to go and see one that early.

Obviously because I am a total Twilight fangal and COMPLETELY obsessed I would write about it saying it was fantastic, but it really really was. I know people who don't like Twilight, saw New Moon and suddenly like it.

It was actually a really enjoyable movie, well directed, excellent music + songs at the perfect places, fantastic acting... seriously full package. It was funny as well. And it was really good to see them smile.. because Twilight doesn't have many of those! I loved the whole earthy brown and gold colours of New Moon compared to the blues of Twilight. They were very clever with attracting the non-fans!

In fact it was so good Hannah and myself came out of the cinema, walked around town for a bit (utterly speechless), then ran back in and bought tickets for the next showing.

watch it! even if it's just to see sexy Taylor and Rob!! ;-)




Hola ;)

short post. I'm going to make a website and sell jewellery that I make. it's cute and pretty and edgy. website name ideas?

thanks!! xoxoxoxo(x)

that last 'x' is in brackets because I couldn't decide whether it looked better ending in a 'o' or an 'x'. So you can choose!

see? this is why I can't think of any cool names. kate XD

hello ;)

right. I just want to make my opinion clear on this.. Seeing as there are quite a few teenage girls like meself blogging and (hopefully!) reading mine, I'd like to post quickly about something.

drinking/smoking/drugs aren't cool and don't get you respect. Especially as when you're an adolescent *wooo big word* and you want to fit in, be accepted, etc. Anyhow that's not the way to go. Don't think because I'm writing this that like I've just recovered from having some sort of problem and am trying to sneakily worm it into a post...! It's just not cool to get pissed for the sake of it!

ok well that's all. I'm going to try to blog more because I've kind of abandoned ol' Rainbow Juice. Going to watch FlashForward soon!

big hugs! katiebugs :) xoxx

BOO! fruit salad!



Tonight I'm going trick or treating with my friend (what? you're never too old for fun!) and then staying over at hers. Guess what I'm dressing up as?

A BANANA! :) Two years ago I was a bunch of grapes with my friend. She was red grapes and I was green - I just wore all green clothes and safety pinned like 40 green balloons to myself. We were at this *crap* school disco and at the end we just threw all the balloons in the air :). I like dressing up as fruit... not sure why. There's just something so a-peel-ing about it. LOL. I swear I didn't mean to make that joke!!!

I try to make Halloween as little Halloween-ish as possible. Like tonight - I will absolutely make sure there are NO scary stories/movies/games played. You can call me a wimp or a killjoy or whatever but if I was at a sleepover and someone tried to make me do something I didn't want to do I will not hesitate to leave! Don't get me wrong, I love a good spooky story as much as anyone else but I have a limit if you know what I mean. I get really afraid of all that supernatural stuff because I do believe in the paranormal etc. And when I'm up in the sky with angel wings I don't want people on Earth messing around with my dead spirit. :-o

Sooo.. have a lovely Halloween! Don't scare yourselves too much!!! :)

Kate xxx

we gonna party like it's yo birthday.


As of two days ago, I am officially 14 years old :D

For my birthday I got a new phone..(samsung tocco lite)..itunes gift (from granny & grandad)..and a really cool necklace and bracelet that is genuine 1950s vintage stuff!! It's so nice! :)

and I had CAKE after dinner!

wish me a slightly belated happy birthday.. or I will cry. I will actually cry. Is that what you want??? NO? Good.

luuuuuuurve, Kate xxx
guess who's birthday is tomorrow?

me =]

my friend and I stayed up until midnight to book our tickets for new moon last night! she was going to do it and I'd be texting here excitedly until 00.00 but then her neighbour offered to do it (I don't know why & she doesn't either!). HOWEVER at midnight the showings didn't start until the Sunday after the Friday the movie officially opens.

We got tickets anyway though :P then this morning we checked the Odeon site again and, hallelujah, there were several showings on Friday 20th of November. I booked front row seats for 11.45am really quickly for both of us without really telling her.. so we had TWO pairs of tickets. My friend's mum cancelled the order, and my friend kind of feels bad now because her neighbour was going to give them to her niece, but it's OK now (I think). :P

Anyway, we're going to ---NEW MOON!--- Opening day, front row, 11.45am. There was actually a showing at 00.01 that Friday but I thought we might sort of fall asleep...

Fortuneately we're off school that Friday as well :)

your almost birthday girl!, Kate
anyone on twitter/facebook/bebo/myspace/windows live/etc.?


leave a comment if you want to add me and I'll get my deets to you!

music therapy
song away - hockey

lots of loove
@katiebugs xx

the whole teenage thing...


hi :)

my birthday in eight days! I'll be fourteen soon.. no longer a 'first year' at the whole teenage thing.. ;)

I'm going to have a small party with me and my four bezzies - we can order a pizza and eat lots of ben & jerry's and play truth or dare in our PJs - can't wait!

I kinda went off the idea of a big party after I realised how much it would cost.. venue, decorations, dj etc. Soo I think I'll save that for sweet sixteen ;)

I'll post a list of presents I expect you all to get me and email you my address. :L

(just kidding)

byeeee! xxx

you must be a bit scared


enjoying your sunday evening?


I got my Wii back on thursday! I've pretty much been living in mario world since then. It's really freaky though - if I play mariokart for too long in one day I go crazy. I hear the music EVERYWHERE! So if I'm trying to get to sleep or something all I hear is 'dun dun dun dun dundundun dun dun DA DUN da dun dun dadundun'.

Well, you all know the Mario music.

In the latest Sugar mag there was this really interesting article on teenage homelessness. One of the writers went round different places in England where there are homeless people and teens and spoke to them etc. Imagine how long the days would be if you didn't know where you were going to sleep that night, then spending the night in pure terror in case someone found you.

I'm thinking about all the people like that in Belfast right now.

Also, how people have all these prejudices/sterotypes/discrimination against homeless people. The main cause for homelessness in Northern Ireland is family and relationship breakdowns. One girl in Sugar said she ran away when her dad lost his jub, started drinking and getting violent with her and her mum. It's really sad.

And look at me, talking about how I got my Wii back a few days ago.. taking for granted there's a warm bed upstairs in a safe house...

We are all extremely lucky.


music therapy:
ignorance - paramore

happy birthday to *SNEEZE*


Hello! :)

soo last post was the 100th post of Rainbow Juice/My-Pink Sprinkled Blog! << Lisa Clark phase, please do not laugh. Ok fine.. laugh.

happy birthday blog!

ALSO it is exactly three weeks until I am fourteen. Can't wait!

AND WHAT'S MORE I'm going to see Paramore (my fave band!) in December in Dublin!

AND WHAT'S MORE it's a staff day the day New Moon comes out!

OOOH and then it's nearly Christmas!

things are looking up.

aah I just cut my lip. and I have a cold.


*teehee*, loadsa love :)

music therapy:
muse - uprising

what did one cavegirl say to the other cavegirl?




geddit?? hahahahahah...

Enter the competition!

toodles :)

I love all that freaky stuff...


Hii :)

So, did anyone see the Derren Brown thing last night? It didn't work for me. And I wanted SO much to be hypnotised. :(

For anyone who doesn't know who Derren Brown is, he's this physic/mind-reader/magician/brain-wiz guy. I think he is very very cool. I don't really believe he is physic but he defo has 'supernatural' powers and knows all about the subconcious mind. I love all that stuff :) Like, he could ask someone a question and then show them what he had predicted (that's very toned down though, he's much cooler than that) so it seems like he's predicted the future, but I think he's just written down something random and then send signals to they're subconcious to make them choose it. See what I mean?

Although last Friday he actually predicted the Lottery numbers correctly live on TV!!! He's amazing! When I'm 16 or 18 or however old you have to be my friends and I are going to try that because he showed you how to do it.

Right.. well YESTERDAY (Friday) he tried this thing where he would try and interact with the TV viewers and literally stick people to their seats. So they couldn't get up. I watched it and sat correctly etc. but I don't think my head was in the right 'zone' or whatever.

If you haven't a clue what I mean, sorry! I'm just wittering on to myself, really.

BUT whenever I stood up my legs were REALLY heavy.

He said there weren't any side effects, but after the show was over I felt really weird. I was pretty hysterical to be honest, I was screaming at my mum and dad and acting really unlike me. Then I pretty much had a panic attack and I was kind of freaked a bit. I was struggling for air and breathing really heavily, but I thought I'd calmed down, because I was absolutely wiped out and kept half falling asleep, then the breathing thing started again.

I'm not sure why though. I wasn't scared watching it, I was really willing to do it. I just think that since he was trying to get to people's deep subconcious mine was messed up a bit.

Wonder what he'll do next week :)

(btw, don't hate Derren Brown. I still think he's very cool!)

kate :)

..I left my heart in Tokyo...!


hola ;)

Kind of abandoned the old blog over the past few days - sozzers! School is quite time consuming unfortunately!

<< listening to the song 'Left my Heart in Tokyo', hence the title. Also Pixie Lott's 'Boys and Girls' :) I'm in a very poppy mood today! I've suddenly become obsessed with the Jonas Brothers too!!! lol!

Nothing much is new... nothing show-stopping or mind-blowing going on... although I worked out today it is 5 weeks and 6 days til I'm 14! Starting to plan the party already!! Hahaha

I want to have a boy-girl party at my house but not so sure how well that'll go down with the folks. Anyone have any party ideas?

toodles! xoxoxxo

I Love RPattz :)


OMG! had to say!

Two weeks ago Rob P's film How to Be was iTunes 99p Movie of the Week (unforch I had already spent a tenner buying it like 5 months ago...) and this week it's Little Ashes!! Woop! Just telling all you UK iTunes users. Sozzies anyone else. :(

just letting you know!


first day & first youtube vid :)



School yesterday.. it was a half day, we just stayed in our form room and caught up with eveyone, got our timetables, paid our £20 for books, a few document wallets and 'printing costs'. Yeah right. It's a RIP OFF!! Plus we got our timetables. Double Physics followed by double Chemistry on Tuesdays. Fun.

Off today and then it officially starts tomorrow... bye bye summer!!

Guess what?!! I FINALLY made a video and uploaded it to ChickLitChicks2. If you want to see me (in person!! wow!) reviewing two books I read last week then search chicklitchicks2 on YouTube. Or don't if you would rather keep me as a mysterious blogger with no face...

Today is a chill day for me :) do u want to see the agenda? Well I'm going to write it down anyway.

1. shower (it's 12.15pm now.. but I'm on MSN so I'll probs do that around 12.45..)
2. get dressed
3. begin exercise regime (lol. it was in KISS magazine. Tone up in two weeks, apparently!)
4. read over notes from last summer's exams (coz my brain has rusted).
5. chill (watch TV or a movie or something..)
6. bath time (with new Sugar mag :P)
7. beddie byes!! at 9.30! Need to be fully refreshed for school in the morning!

Toodles xoxox

music therapy:
paramore - fences



Aloha ;)

OKKK... I really really really am going to make a vid for chicklitchicks2. I can barely call myself a member. Check us out & subscribe pleasies! Search chicklitchicks2 on YouTube.

Only a few more days of summer! Btw I mean the summer holiday, weather hasn't exactly been too summer-esque. It's sunny today but rainy and for some reason my hands are freezing.

This weekend I'm going to do a sort of review of my summer, the Songs of the Summer (renouned award. The songs that receive should be extremely honoured), what movies I saw, the best parts, what my friends and I did, etc. etc.

Just a quick post today! Have a nice weekend.

Kate xxx <3

music therapy:
kings of leon - crawl

we interrupt this blog with a... stupid... thing


Hellooo blogger world

So. Today I took my sister to see Aliens in the Attic, which was OK actually! I'll probs see Bandslam too.. can anyone give me a quick review? ?/5?

Two weeks and 1 or 2 days left of summer holidays before school begins.. eek! I know that's still plenty of time to just enjoy myself and chillax - but who wants the summer to end? School isn't bad for me, I don't dread getting up in the morning to face bullying or teachers who shout at me or bad scores or anything, I'm a good student and everything, but.. you know. School kind of seems to dominate things. It's suprisingly (not) a lot less stressful saying 'Sorry, can't see a movie today because


Sorry about stopping half way there - I lost the memory stick from my phone a few days ago and it has LOADS of photos and music on it and I was so upset when I lost it but I just looked down and THERE IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so to continue.

'..see a movie today because I am spending the day rejuvenating my hair and skin from the beach yesterday' rather than 'Sorry, can't go. Homework.'

Noo.. I will not let little niggles get me down. This year I am going to achieve a balance between working hard and still having plenty of fun. School isn't all just work.. AND it's a staff day the day New Moon comes out!!

I feel a lot better now, actually. This is what blogs are for :)

Toodles! xoxoxoxo

PS I forgot to say but can't be bothered finding the right place in this post to put it - I probably should flick over last year's revision notes, because on my road there's a garage and while my sister and I were walking past it we saw this really nice car. I asked my sis how much it was (just out of interest!) and she said, '£599. No, I mean £5099.' I must be at the peak of my summer stupidness where you forget everything you've learnt and don't even know what day it is - although that is mandatory for my summer - so I said 'Obviously, five hundred and ninety nine isn't even a number!'

It took me a few minutes to realise my mistake.

P.S.S I actually just checked with my mum that 599 is a number, in case I was actually right in thinking it wasn't. My head hurts. :S

the long awaited post. oops - sorry ;P



just saying sorry I haven't posted in a while - been pretty busy and who wants to spend the last few weeks of summer on the computer, right?

although I AM going to put up my 1st video for chicklitchicks2 soon! :) yay! :)


it's lucky I don't snore, eh?


hey guys!

haven't blogged in a while - sozzies :(

it's STILL on my list to post a video for YouTube channel chicklitchicks2. Check it out.. it's A to the MAZIN'! never said that before but there you go.

Soo I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends Bria and Roisin, both their 14th bdays were on 4th of August :) Bria's party was SO fun, we saw the Proposal which was better than I thought it would be, it was cute ;) and stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG. Seriously. I was sooo tired the next day. When we were getting ready for the day I fell asleep randomly (it was about 9am) on the pull out bed thing for about 15mins, but I was really out because I woke up with eyeliner all over my face! & apparently one of the girls said 'we should throw water over her' but instead the just sort of wet their hands and patted my face. I had no idea this was happening.

We hung around in the park and I fell asleep AGAIN. These little naps were only like 10-20 minutes long but I was in a REALLY deep sleep... they could have dragged me to the other side of the park so when I woke up they were gone.

That's what I would do.

It's lucky I don't snore, eh?

hope you're all having a good summer!




so thank you very much to Sara, Sasha and Jenny for giving me various awards! You are all FABBY :)

of course right back to you.. although I am going to do Sara's ABC thinga-ma-bob

The Rules

Link to the person who tagged you.

Share your ABCs - the quiz further down.

Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs.

Let the three tagged people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag.


Available/Single? single ;)

Best Friend? I have a group of me and four other bezzies

Cake or Pie? this is TOO hard!! gooey chocolate cake..yummo

Drink of Choice? the milkshakes from the Cookie Box in town. I'm hungry now, btw.

Essential item you use everyday? phone or iPod

Favorite colour? pink & purple & yellow

Google? yes, it's very helpful..

Hometown? Belfast, Northern Ireland

Indulgence? books, make-up, yummy things :)

January or February? what's the difference? lol!

Kids and their names? daughter name Eva, Meabh (maeve) or Ruby. Don't know about sons.

Life is incomplete without...? MUSIC!!

Marriage date? 14th of June, 2025, 4pm. NOT.

Number of siblings? 2 - younger brother and sister.

Oranges or apples? Snow white-esque apples or non-sour oranges. I don't care. This is a stupid question!! lol

Phobias/fears? spiders and ghosts.

Quote for today? time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. such as doing this quiz.

Reason to smile? I gave myself a damn good pedicure this morning and am admiring it ;)

Season? Summer - late June and early July. (I copied your answer, Sara, but we have so much in common..hehe)

Tag three people? Sara, Sasha and Jenny

Unknown fact about me? I have dark blue eyes... fascinating..

Vegetable you don't like? I know it's not very original but brusse sprouts.

Worst habit? I have SO many habits! it's because I'm crazy. seriously. I think I have OCD. So I won't go into them.

X-rays you've had? teeeeeth.

Your favorite food? anything really! as long as it's VEGGIE!

Zodiac sign? diplomatic Libra, thank you very much :)

that was fun!!

kate xoxox

avada kebabra!


hellooo :)

I FINALLY saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince yesterday, and I thought it was pretty good - although the book's better. Obvs.

I remember starting to read Harry Potter in P2 when I was 6, and I was understanding it and everything. Go me!! Hahaha. I am an 'avid reader'. Anyhow. I haven't read the books since 2 years ago when the 7th book came out and I read 1-6 in like 2 weeks so I could refresh my memory ;)

I didn't really remember too much of the book which was actually pretty good coz it means I could really focus on the movie as a movie and not compare too much. Although I did notice they left a few things out.

I give it 3/5 stars. It was good and funny but it was pretty long and kind of confusing unless you've read all of the books.

BUT I was sitting beside my friend who you should never see a movie you really care about seeing with!! ;) If you know her and have been to the cinema with her you know what I mean!! She started talking about Amy Winehouse halfway through.

ELLA: 'Doesn't she look like Amy Winehouse?'
ME: 'Yeah. OK, be quiet.'
ELLA: 'She does though.'
ME: 'Did you hear she assaulted one of her dancers?'
ELLA: 'Yeah! And she's got a court case and everything.'
ME: 'Tried to make me go to rehab and I said..'
BOTH: ', no, no!'

It's worth seeing though because Daniel Radcliffe is h-o-t :)

toodles xoxoxox

I'm a real cry-baby :'(


Hi. Sob.

SOO about 45 minutes ago my aunty and cousin left for Dublin airport. They're going back to San Diego and I've been crying like a.. thing that cries.

I miss them so much already. My grandparents house (that's where I've been for the past week, btw, in Dundalk) is so quiet without Aisling. I wish I could give her a big hug right now. OK, I'm crying now.

I'm a real cry-baby. I cry at everything. Normally I can control it if I'm in the cinema or something but I've just been sobbing and I can't STOP!! I just think of Ash or my aunty and it starts again. Every year as much as family as poss meet up to go on holiday somewhere, but we're dotted out in Ireland-America-Australia. It's really special when we meet up but then really sad saying goodbye. I'm off again.

Sorry for such a depressing post, I just needed to get that off my chest!!

Back to Belfast this afternoon :)

see ya xx

guess who?



back from Donegal - amazing - but tomorrow I'm going to dundalk for a week. Might be able to use my techno grandad's laptop though..

Donegal was so good, but it was even better to see my little cousin Aisling and my aunty. They live in San Diego so we don't get to see each other too often. She is the CUTEST thing ever! I love her so much :)

Lots of things to do when I'm back - got to get my Belfast summer on! Including posting a video for YouTube channel chicklitchicks2 - if you haven't checked it out, where have you been? In a place with no Internet connection? Yeah? Well, fine. But check it out now!!

I read a ton of books while away so I'll chatter away about them :)

byee xox xox

music therapy:
rabbit heart (raise it up) - florence + the machine

NOO ANDY!!! why??? WHY??!!


soo as you can see from the title I've been watching wimbledon.. & that I am slightly disappointed andy murray didn't beat the other dude.

This is kind of a 'see ya for a bit' post coz I'm away to Donegal tomorrow :) :) :) my aunty and little american cousin Aisling (ash-ling :P. I know, stupid hard to spell irish names) are there too and I am SO EXCITED to see them!!

I know. I don't know how you will survive without my ingenious wit and hilarity for two weeks either. Now, now calm down guys! I'll try to post while I'm away through this mobile blogger thing.

Soooo the other day I went to see My Sister's Keeper and it was tres tres good. Yeeah so I cried a little bit but had to control myself coz I didn't want to look like a panda with smudged mascara.. anyhow if you haven't seen it yet try to get to it because it's a really good movie :)

Right. This is goodbye. I told myself I wouldn't cry -- but...

LOL. Control yourselves people. BYEEEEEE!!!!!


summer always begins with rain..




There's something about summer that is so.. I dunno. It just makes people happy. Doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing. Even the word sounds happy! :)

Too bad it's a bit cloudy today! haha! That's Ireland for you! The sun is peeking out through the grey though so hopefully it'll turn out to be a nice day.

Yesterday school ended around 12-ish (I don't use a watch. I live in the moment ;P) and me and the crew (lol) went to the park and messed around, then went to LaserQuest - which seems to be turning into our thing, us nerds! - I came 3rd again! Then got ice-cream and chips, eaten in that order, and 2 big cartons of apple juice for 80p each :)

It was a gorgeous day and we were all exhausted from tramping around everywhere so much!

In the half day of school we had yesterday we watched the end of 'Life is Beautiful' or 'La (something) Bella'. It's Italian and it's SOO good. I don't mind subtitles so I loved it. Seriously. It you haven't seen it rent it now!! It's about the WWII - and I know you're thinking, oh no, not another war movie, but it's about this guy who's Jewish so he and his son have to go to a worker camp. His wife isn't Jewish but pretends to be so she can be with her husband and son. So the guy tries to turn it into a game for his 6 year old son, saying that they have to get points through doing things and the prize is a tank. It's really funny and sad and amazing.

And some people started throwing Haribos (alight, I started it!) and someone chucked one RIGHT IN MY EYE. RIGHT IN THE SOCKET. And it hit me really hard too! My eye sort of closed automatically and I was screaming 'I've been blinded!!' so my friend lent me her sunnies to wear coz my eye was all bloodshot and looked like I'd been crying in one eye, or I had hayever and someone put an eyepatch over my left eye but shoved grass in the right. You get the picture.

Anyway, if anyone asked me why I was wearing sunglasses inside, I told them sorry, I had been partially blinded by a Haribo and need them on for medical reasons.

It is still really sore actually! It's painful looking at my computer screen. See the sacrifices I make for you people??! LOL

I'm so looking forward to the summer. Have a lovely day :)

kkkkkate xxxxxxx

music therapy:
radar - britney spears

hurry up!! no, wait - SLOW DOWN!!!!


Bonjour, mon petite bloggers

Soooo. SUMMER!! Aaaah!! Can't wait!! Summer is just perfection for me. No school, no stress, just chilling out, having fun... aaah. Bliss.

Then again, summer flies by and then into year 10! Weird. I can't believe how fast this school year has gone. I've been in big school for two years now!

Fab news! I've joined the Sara and Sasha's YouTube channel called chicklitchicks2 and I've discovered about 10mins ago that a couple of other blogger gals are in on it too! How exciting!!!! Yaaay!!

I'll upload a vid whenever. Back to the topic of summer!

I'm not going anywhere coz we went to Spain in April over Easter hols. Well, I'm going somewhere down south but I can't really remember where. And probs to our house in Donegal too.

I really don't mind not going anywhere abroad coz I'm really not one of those people who thinks to have a real summer they have to travel all over the place. This is still gonna be the best summer ever.. cheesy I know! But I'm determined to make every single day really fun!!

And yes I KNOW I used the word 'really' three times in that last paragraph. Shut up. It's my blog.

Friday is LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! and LAST DAY OF YEAR 9!! Yesssss!!!

Our form tutor is all no talk and no action, he promised us a class trip bowling and pizza hut and movie but obviously was too busy teaching science and singing 'I get by with a little help with my friends' to organise it. And I'm not kidding about that song. He plays the guitar and thinks he's amazing. He tried to make us sing a song for an assembly.. luckily we didn't do it but it was still embarrassing watching him sing. I've never thought of him in the same way again.

Anyhow.. back to the topic!! The whole class is just going out without the teachers and we're going to the park and just getting subway and ice-cream and messing around. I think some of us are going to LaserQuest in the Ozone in the park.. It should be really fun with everyone there :)

Au revoir.. kate xxxxxx



helloo bloggers and bloggees

I had a really fun weekend :) today I'm just chilling in my jammies!!

FRIDAY - one of my bezzie's bday party
-laserquest (I came 3rd out of all of us and these dudes we played against. they were like 17)
-went back to hers and we all got dressed up
-went out to nandos
-slept over at hers


SATURDAY - another of my bezzie's bday party. the previous bday girl is part of our group too so it was like a big extended party! :)
- got breakfast
-got ready
-picked up by 2nd girl's mum
-bowling (2nd :D)
-pizza hut
-W5 (lol!! it's not just for kids!! ok??!!)

It was a really fun weekend :) AT W5 my two friends and I were watching this demo of this guy doing experiments with stuff like baking soda & vinegar etc. We were a bit hyper so I put my hand up to be a volunteer with two other little seven year olds or something!! lol!! We were making these rocket things in little camera film capsules and mine SOO went the highest!! I was so proud (lol)

hope you all had a nice weekend!

kate xxxxx

four and a half days of school!

music therapy
don't forget - demi lovato

heyy... that hoit



I am SOOO proud of you!! You are an incredible actor.. where did that come from?

Your solo song was amazing.. you did have the nerve..!

You were so funny.. stole the show.

I heard so many people talking about you and about 15 people came up to me saying how brilliant you were!

... for my younger brother, who played the cowardly lion in his primary school's production of the Wizard of Oz. I'm not exaggerating just coz he's my bro etc. etc. but he was WONDERFUL and he's so talented.

Seriously, like 15 people have come up to me congratulating your performance and I heard loadsa people talking about how great you were. I was just sitting grinning to myself :)

I was CRYING with laughter!

A few of my school's teachers went to see it last night and my RE teacher described him as 'out of this world'.

Love you SOO much bro. I won't fight with you for, like, a WEEK. Lol. Just kidding.. XX

kate xxxx

freedom tastes so sweet. or is that revenge? either way, I'm free!!


YESSSS x100!!! YAAAAAAY!! x1000 wooHOOO!! x10000

exams have finished!!! It was a long week (to answer a few comments on the last post, yup they last a week).

One or two were really hard, most were fine and a couple were easy ;)
I'll post my results whenever I get them.

Sara Leslie said that they don't do exams til standard grade? Whatever that is. Yeah, we do GCSES. In my school we have winter and summer exams every year, just to see how you're getting on etc. Obviously not as important as GCSEs, AS and A2, but they help show you what you're good at, what you're not so good at, what you like, what you don't, so they help you pick the subjects you want to do.

I'm so happy they're done! :) I feel like I haven't posted in ages, even though it's only been five days.

Quite a few things happened over those five days..

- my fish died (but it's OK, coz I actually have no idea what it's name was!! seriously!! I've been trying to remember for like 3 days!!)

- I hit my head, because there was a s-p-i-d-e-r on the shower curtain and I started screaming (as you do) and slipped when I jumpered out of the shower..hehehe.

- I went into town with my friends to get birthday prezzies for two people in my group after we got out of school yesterday. It's kind of awkward - two of them have their birthdays really close together - 1st of May and 7th of May - and the other two 10th of June and 16th of June. And then my birthday is waaay out on the 19th October. Hahahahahah. We're hoping Miss 10th June has a sense of humour because we got her 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, san pads, packet of tissues, like 11 bars of chocolate..!! We were a bit hyper after the euphoria of finishing tests, you know. We did get her good stuff though! A t-shirt, a really pretty bag, nice bath stuff, hairbands etc.

- I perfected my autograph.

It's good to have a social life again. Even if it only involves one, lonesome fish.

kate xxxxxxx

fun filled day. ahem.


soo first day of (dun dun dun!) exams is over!! woop!!

spanish was HARD! do U ever get where you've been studying and studying, and then the paper goes in front of you and you just BLANK?!!

yeahh.. well that happened to me. There was this IR verb bit that didn't even give you the verb.. so I had to just leave it because what?? you can't go around changing verbs if U don't know what the verb IS!! but apparently the IR verb 'to go' was on the revision list.. anyhow it still should have been there!

maths was fine.. nothing much to say about it really.

tomorrow is just history coz I don't do Irish so we get two revision periods, which just DRAAAAG. history is mostly sources too so there isn't a whole lotta work I can do for that!!!

kate xx

I need more TIME!!


hey :D

aaaaaaaah! I have exams next monday - friday.
And am kind of scared!!

I need more time to study!!

But I get myself too worked up about these things.. I admit it.

Just keeping you posted. And keeping myself from going crazy by venting things out into cyberworld. Same old.

have a nice weekend. And thank the Lord you have lives. I have to study. MORE. :(


ACTUALLY change that :( into a :D. Summer is almost here.. one week of exams and then school goes how school should be - watching movies and messing around. It's amazing how even though my head is pounding with uses for urea formaldehyde (YES! I remembered) I can still focus on the positives. Mwahahahahaha.

kate xxxxx

mtv movie awards & other thingymabobs


sooo I watched the mtv movie awards last night!

It's pretty annoying that it shows a day after it does in America. Why? Why would they do that to us?!! Coz then I already knew who won. But whatever. It was still amazing :)

OF COURSE the only real reason I watched it was to see the new moon clip. Which was friggin' a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! It looks a lot better than the 1st one too - so it should be fantastic!

It was soo hilarious when Rob & Kristen won best kiss and they were about to kiss and then Kristen turned away and went 'thank you soo much!' into the microphone!

Twilight won pretty much everything it was nominated for :D:D:D

Hahhahahahahahahaha (I'm actually laughing just thinking about this) Kristen won best female performance & she was so nervous going up - as you would! - and then she dropped her golden popcorn! It just went flying out of her hands! And she sort of sprung towards it but then decided it would be less embarassing if she just walked off. I suppose that's why she's playing Bella.

Sweltering today too! Past 25.C I think. I had a bit of a headache actually in school buried under my uniform. Even in my summer shirt. We ate lunch outside and I took off my shoes & socks. No-one was wearing jumpers today :) but it was a lovely atmosphere - everyone lying out in the grass, watching the Y8s football training, and I had my mini iPod speakers in so there was music playing.. etc. etc.

exams next week (aah!) I had my spanish listening on monday (easy - except for last question!), music tomorrow (should be fine with my musical expertise :P) and french on thursday (a little bit scared..).

Can't wait til it's like the last week or two of school.. you don't really do a lot and are free to get on with important things like comparing tans and filing our nails in stuffy classrooms, dreaming about summer hols....

And I'm off again!!

kkkkkkkkkkkkk x

My Foolproof Plan


OK - here's the plan to get out of sports day.

1. Ask straight out.

Done - it didn't work.

2. Bribe

I told our classroom assistant that I'd give her 3 pieces of chewing gum if she could mark my name off the 100m sprint.

She's 'tried' apparently but 'can't do it'.

3. Beg

Please please please x100

This is the phase I'm on.

4. Threaten

I don't want to have to go to this but, if I have to, I will stab her with a compass.

5. Just don't show up

I think this is the one most likely to work... I'm going to run away and hide behind a bush until the running is over...

Anymore suggestions? Personally I think it's foolproof.

Oh!! I just thought of a new idea!! If I tell my form tutor I don't believe in the metic system and am strongly opposed to running 100 metres he may have to give in..

Soo, I'm enjoying this lovely Friday evening, browsing through the Urban Outfitters sale with the windows wide open, blogging about my life, trying to avoid studying.

music therapy
it's a disaster - Ok Go

love love love!
kate xxox

at least we got exercise...



Soo. Today we went on a geography trip in school for the whole day to the Glens of Antrim to study rocks and rivers.

Seriously!! I know!!

Why anyone would want to do this for a living I cannot fathom. We had to get rulers out, go stand in a scary fast moving river and measure the pebbles. Naturally I slipped.

It was actually a pretty good day 'coz I mostly just messed around.. :)

Unfortunately in Northern Ireland it rains. Quite a lot, actually. Yes, even in summer.

The rain didn't get me wet though, although my jeans are sticking to my legs which is rather uncomfortable. I have quite an, erm, competitive spirit (unless it's to do with sport!) and was trying to beat someone on how far they could go into the sea. I've been walking around with water sloshing about in my wellies for the whole day XD

Mostly though we walked up this big enormous gigantic huge massive mountain to look at waterfalls... I thought I was going to vomit. lol! At least we got exercise..

So, because I am so wet and my feet smell a little of seaweed, I am going to have a 30minute long shower!! :D

Hope you've had a nice, relatively dry day!

NOTE: the pebbles downstream are bigger than those upstream.

kate xx

music therapy
phoenix - lisztomania

six things that make me smile (:


I was tagged by Pouty Lips of Dream Weaving/Pouty Baby's Nonsense! woop!!

"If you are tagged write a post on your own blog about this saying six (un)important things which make you happy. Then you need to link to the person who tagged you and tag six bloggers people of your own. Then let them know that you've tagged them, perhaps by leaving a comment on their blog somewhere or by email. Simple. If you don't want to post on your own site, or don't have time, then just add a comment on to mine here. I won't mind if you don't link back to me, it's just a bit of fun, so don't worry about it if you don't carry it on."

Tag - you're it!!

Anna Banana

Sara Leslie




Cherry Diva

Okkk... six happy things. I'm keeping these short & snappy coz I really should be revising:

Music is one of the biggest things in my life. I play the violin & am going to learn piano and bass guitar too. I am surgically attached to my iPod. It just makes me happy :D

Where would we be without our folks? And I love my lil bro and sis so much. I would do anything for my family. Awww.

Aaah! These girls are mental. But I love them. We have the best time :)

Haahhahaha. Yes yes yes I have 'me time' every Friday. Bubble bath, a magazine, and then I paint my nails. Chocolate helps too.. I need time to myself or I go crazy.

Starting this blog is one of the best things I could have ever done. It's not toooo personal - the internet is a dangerous place! - so diary keeping and twittering on about rubbish in cyber-world are two of my fave things to do!



Looking gooood.



Blog makeover?

Do you like it?

I thought of the name in English. We're doing advertising, and we have to think of a company name, product and make an ad. I'm doing kooky jewellery, coz I do actually make it. Go to labels at the bottom and click 'make your own...' to have a look at some pics of the jewellery I've made.

I don't like the way all the little things are at the very bottom. But maybe that's just my computer? Please tell me if it comes up like that for you!!

Anyhow.. my friend and I were trying to think up company names. For a joke I said 'Rainbow Spit' but then I thought 'Rainbow Juice' and it's pretty good, I think! So I used it has my new blog name!!

Funny how when I was thinking of a new blog name I got nothing, but when I forgot about it I got one.

Wanna hear something WEIRD that happened to me yesterday??

I knew you would.

When I got home from school yesterday, there was this big box package addressed to me. I hadn't ordered anything so I thought it might be a (very) early or (very) late birthday present from one of my America-dwelling relatives.

Soo I waited til my mum got home in case it was a prezzie and I wasn't supposed to open it. But she hadn't heard anything.. so we opened it and inside was this Rowenta Elite (models) hairdryer and rotating hairbrush that dries your hair and gives you beach babe waves at the same time :)

SHOCK! HORROR!! My extremely trusting mother accused me of using her credit card to buy it. I hadn't - obvs - and she didn't really believe it either but really it was the only possible explanation. Besides - why would I order a curl-making hairbrush? I have curly hair. I would have bought ghds ;)

Anyway, there was no sender information on it at all. It said 'marketing sample request' on the side of the box, but it was all free etc.

Last night I did a quick amazon search. OMG. Tje hairbrush is £50. And the hairdryer is around £30.

£80 worth of hair stuff - sent to me for free?!!

I told my dad this morning and he went all solicitor on me and told me to email the company who shipped it over to me.

Sooo I have.

But still. It's weird.

I hope I get to keep it! I feel like a celeb who gets freebies.

music therapy
the veronicas - untouched

laters xoxoxox

Star Trek and Rainbow Juice


Soo.. as you can see I've made a few changes!

The template isn't permanent - I'm just using it til I find one I like.

Today in science as a 'treat' we watched an episode of Star Trek - woo!

I really want to see the movie! Still haven't got to it yet!


spin that record babe..


hello ;)

soo.. on Friday I downloaded Lady GaGa's album - The Fame.

At first I was like.. 'Urrgh, this is chavvy rubbish, what did I just buy?' but once I heard the whole album I really got into it.

translation - I jumped on my bed and danced around like a mad raver.

If you've been reading my humble little blog for sometime, you'll kinda have got the picture that Lady GaGa is not something I would normally listen to..

But honestly I like all genres of music..! :D

If you go to 'artists' on my iPod you'll find Katy Perry and Linkin Park and Taylor Swift and Muse.


On Saturday I used my bliss discounts (hooray for teen mags) and got 15% off the benefit face-brightening primer - I was in Debenhams a few weeks ago and one of the make-up artists used this on me and I loved it, looks v. au natural! - and 20& off a necklace at elsiebelle.

Aaah! HE exam tomorrow. We're having it before exam week because..well I don't know actually.

have a lovely day :)


You Learn Something (extremely trivial) Everyday...


OK, so, daily discoveries...

1. My hair looks pretty good tied up in a high bun, if I say so myself...
2. I'm going to need to start revising for exams pretty soon, coming up in just over 3 weeks. Eeek.
3. I do not like sandwiches with coleslaw in them.
4. I'm going to be pretty cool when I'm 64.*

*what? I hear you say.

Right, well, in H.E today we've moved onto a new topic, which is 'the elderly'. And the teacher played this John Lennon or Paul McCartney song called 'When I'm Sixty Four'. So the teacher asked us to write down a few lines on what we think we'll be like when we're 64. Woo! We'd already got our revision list and oral pres. marks (9/10 - woop!) so there wasn't really anything else to do.. (:

So I'm going to write out my list.

What I Think I Will Be Like At Sixty Four

- I will have zero wrinkles, only laugh lines, because I developed a good skincare routine at an early age.
- I shall practice yoga daily, therefore staying fit.
- I will dress appropriately and stylishly for my age.
- I will reminisce at the fossils such as iPods.
- I shall live in a beautiful home somewhere warm and remote.
- Following my ridiculous success in my younger days, I shall spend large amounts of money on my grand-children.

And the teacher called on me to read it out and everything. Woo.

Have a nice evening (:


Greetings, Trekkies.



Haven't been on the computer in a few days.

what is happening to me?!!

I dunno. School etc. My friends and I were talking before we went into class after lunch, and it how it seems like our lives are just school, brief weekend break, mostly filled with homework, projects and assignments, then school.

What a cynical view, you have, for a thirteen year old girl, you say.

Mm. Cynical, negative. But I'm not one to mope about (for too long, anyway!) so we're going to make our lives more EXCITING!!

Cannot wait til summer.

Starting exam revision this weekend - woo. Not.

At least the Star Trek movie is out today!! haha!!

Times like this is when I embrace my nerdiness. Love it ;)

Have a nice weekend!


Purple Eyes



Haven't written in a week or, so, I know! Sorry! Busy weekend!

Like I said last post (I think) this weekend I had 2 birthday parties.

On Friday I went over to my friend's at 8 for a sleepover (woo!) Including me and the bday girl, there were six adolescent or weeks-away-from-adolescence hyper girls high on chocolate and diet coke.

Doesn't get much better than that.

Normal sleepover stuff, movie watching (yes man & the break-up), giggling at 3am, munchies, chatting about rubbish. PJ fashion shoot too - lol.

I didn't get to sleep 'til 5 AM!!! Which explains the purple eyes title...

Next day we ate pancake brekkie, went to the park and came back for a barbeque with a few other of her friends. Quorn meat for me, obvs.

Yesterday (sunday) was another 13th. Went to see Hannah Montana movie (lol. my friend is OBSESSED! it was all right though :P). Sleepover with the same peeps, more of a chilled sleepover, which I was thankful for!, we watched clueless and pretty woman, and did each-others hair and read mags and chatted.

lotsa fun ;)

happy bank holiday monday!


be my tweep!


follow me on twitter!

search katiebugs

I've had it for a while - just remembered my username (lol)

xoxo kate

ps. thinking about changing the blog name? I'm keeping the url - but 'my pink-sprinkled blog' is kinda in the lisa clark phase! <3>

Fun Etc.


Heylo ;)

Good news - passed my grade 4 violin! Just made it by the skin of my teeth, I got 100 and that's the minimum pass score!

Just I predicted. Look back through my posts and it says that I think I'll just pass... freaky..!

After orchestra this morning (dull) I went into town with my friends. It's our friend's bday on sunday, so me and the gang/posse/group/whatever, each brought in £10 and put it all together to get her loadsa stuff. We bought her a big oversized handbag and filled it with make-up, jewellery, hair stuff, clothes etc. Then when one of our gang/posse/group/whatever left to go to a piano lesson, we went and did the same for her 'coz it's her bday this friday.

woop woop! so good day.

and next weekend is birthday party weekend! Lucky it's may day this monday!

lots of looove
kate xo xo

I'm a Rock'n'Roll Chick.



A few days ago I got the soundtrack to the movie The Boat That Rocked. Haven't seen the movie - it's a 15, :'( - but the soundtrack is awesome.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about buying it, 'coz it's all classic 60s/70s rock 'n' roll, and what not. I'm more of a modern-indie-rock-pop-type'a gal, myself, but I really love it.

36 songs for £9.99! Or around $20.. I don't know the exchange rate :P

Anyhow, it's full of timeless classics.

My faves are All Day and All of The Night - The Kinks
Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
Elenore - The Turtles
Judy in Disguise (With Glasses) - John Fred & His Playboy Band
Dancing In The Street - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Crimson & Clover - Tommy James & The Shondells
The Letter - The Box Tops
Silence Is Golden - The Tremeloes
Friday On My Mind - Easybeats
My Generation - The Who
I Feel Free - Cream
Cleo's Mood - Jr.Walker & The All-Stars
The Happening - The Supremes
98.6 - The Bystanders
Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield (;P)
Let's Dance - David Bowie

So, if you're contemplating buying/downloading it, I say hell yeah.


13 and a Half



I just realised!

I'm exactly 13 and a half today ;P

Happy half birthday to me!

xo xo

music therapy
elbow - grounds for divorce




I'm back, as you may have guessed.

Spain was really really really good. 

I did loadsa stuff. 

Stayed in Torremolinos, near Malaga.

Went to a little Spanish town called Mijas, went to the market in Fuengirola, went to the Picasso Museum in Malaga, went to the zoo (:P), went to Tivoli World theme park (I'm still dizzy), and then chilled by the pool, walked along the beach, and ate way too much ice-cream.

It was great!

Feels good to be back though. Apart from school tomorrow (gah!). We starting athletics in p.e, which I am pretty much dreading!

spanish smoochies
xo xo


(PS. in Mijas, I got these AWESOME canvas paintings - one of audrey hepburn & one of marilyn monroe. they are fab. I'm going to hang them up in my room :D)



Hey :D

I watched the commentary with Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke on the Twilight DVD. It was v. funny!

Anyhow, I'm really just posting to say that I'm going to Spain over the hols (:D) so won't be posting for a while.

I know, I know, I'll miss you too!!

iAdios, amigas!

xo xo

just a big bundle of happy. XD


Sooo my sleepover was lots and lots of fun :)

Thanks for all the tips... (ahem)

We listened to music and gossiped and did eachothers nails and put on face-masks and wrote a musical. It's called 'Inanimate Objects - The Musical'. It's pretty good. lol. we were just lying around and then the word 'lamp-post' came into my head and I started making up a song about it. Then I made up one about a post-box etc. So random. 

The next day we went into town (got a long stripy cardigan for £7 in new look - half price, woop! and some hairbands from claire's). We were in Debenhams looking at the make-up, and we were looking at some powders from a range called 'benefit' and one of make-up artists asked if we wanted to try them out. On me she used a primer thing (which is amazing) and the new powder in the lightest colour (I have v.pale skin) and something else. Anyhow it looked really good, if I say so myself. And although the benefit range is pretty expensive I love it.

And the final thing I wanted to say is.... TWILIGHT 2 DISC SPECIAL EDITION ARRIVED FROM AMAZON YESTERDAY!!!! AAAAAH!!!!!

Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh I love Twilight. 

I pre-ordered it from amazon about a month and a half before the UK release date on monday. lol! I watched it today and most of the special features too!! yaaay!!!!

Can't wait for New Moon. It comes out in November - that may be in the US though. Anyhow end of the year. 

lots of love
kate xo

we all love a good girly sleepover...


Hey hey hey

I'm having a sleepover tomorrow night with the gang ;)

Anyone have any fun, girly slumber party tips?


music therapy
muse - map of the problematique

woop de woop woop



school is finished! for two giantic weeks!

last night it was my school's 'music for spring' concert. It was amazing. Seriously.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm in the choir & orchestra. You should hear some of the upper 6ths. I can't even describe it... I know I'm going to sound all soppy here (you may want to leave) but their voices and instrumental talents are so perfect and insprational. I am definitely not exaggerating when I say watch this space.

A guy in my school just got his distinction in grade 8 piano. If you know about that sort of thing you know it is a huge deal.

I don't know why, maybe it's because I feel I'm really a part of my school more than the school of music (where I get my lessons and am in another orchestra), but I felt so proud to be part of such an incredible school that has such a talented music department. I know that being interested in music opens a lot of oppurtunities for me. 

I'm getting really cheesy.

You may have noticed that I'm more of a musical person than a sports one. lol. I'm really a manic dancing/walking to school/yoga poses kinda gal on the exercise front.

Anyhow, because I'm so happy to be part of the music department, I ordered a hoodie with the school badge on  it, my initials, and I (heart) MUSIC one the back =]

There's a new english teacher in. Oh. My. God. She is Ms. Meanie Meanie Mean Mean.

She's replacing a teacher who we have right now for the Employabilty section of LLW (learning for life and work). She's just so horrible. You'd think that on your first week at a new job, you would try to be nice to the people you're working with. 

I'd already decided my present career choices (these are v.prone to changing!)

- Photographer
- Interior Designer
- Music Journalist
- Authour

there were a few more but I've forgotten them! lol!

I can hear incredibly loud birds squawking outside. They're coming back for Spring! Yaay! Spring has SPRUNG!

Oh - I forgot to say! I might be going on my school's ski trip next year! I've put my name down so hopefully I get in! WOOO!

I feel a little bad, though. It's £790 to cover everything and £100 deposit. I'm saving up and hopefully will be able to pay for half with birthday/christmas money. But that'll only come after my bday in October and Christmas in December.. but it's in March next year so I should be OK!

But we're going to Spain this easter and maybe even Calafornia this summer. Oh God I feel so awful. Maybe I shouldn't go.. My mum really wants me to though because she's been skiing a lot with her friends when she was a teenager and she keeps saying it was so much fun and it's a brilliant opportunity.

I just typed that entire paragraph without looking at the keyboard. 




Happy April Fool's Day!!


At the start of the morning I got our classroom assitant by telling her that her mascara was all smudged around her eye. She was like, 'What?! Where?!!' Then I started laughing and she said 'I'm going to get you back. Catherine!!'

Don't go there. Don't ever call me Catherine. She knows this annoys me.

JUST SO YA KNOW - my name is Kate, it's not a nick-name etc. I'm going to tell you the short story that I have told about 25 times in my life.

When I was born, my mum and dad wanted me to be called KATE, but they put CATHERINE on the birth cert so I could choose which one I liked best. That was a waste of time though, I never got the choice 'coz I've always been called Kate.

OK. Moving on.

It's pretty funny, instead of just saying 'April Fool' I sort of shout, 'April FOOOL!'

My ingenious hilarity back-fired though. At registration the boy I sit beside said 'Orchestra's cancelled today.' (we were supposed to practise periods 1-4 for a spring concert tomorrow).
I turned round to him and said 'What? But I haven't got any of my books for those subjects! Aah!'

While our form tutor was taking a register, he turned round and mouthed 'April Fool!'

It's a love/hate relationship most people have with this thing.

Tell me about your shenanigans. Who got you? Who'd ya get?


bye bye stress. for now.



I did my violin grade 4 today. It went fine. Not distinction good but not failing bad (hopefully!).

I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. Pieces went good, scales fine... aural OK except the examinor played a little extract and asked me to describe 'the mood and character'. I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to say, and after I mumbled a few things about minor keys and detatched to smooth notes - he laughed and said 'you haven't said anything about the mood or character yet!' so I decided to laugh it off (only way) and say 'sorry, I don't know how to answer that!'


At least the thing's over.

Unfortuneatly in the life of a teenager when something stressful ends another happens. In this case it's exams.. even though they're not for a few months some teachers have already mentioned it.. ;(

On a more postive note - one more week left of school til Easter hols! I'm going to Spain - yay!

listening to my sis's miley cyrus 'breakout' CD.

I can't POST again!


Feel Good Songs!


Anna Banana (check out her blog!) wrote a post on the songs that made her smile.

I liked that idea - spreading a little happiness :) - so I think I'll do it too!

ABC, 123 - Jackson 5
The Best Day - Taylor Swift
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - Mika
Big Sur - The Thrills
Birds - Kate Nash
Breakfast in NYC - Oppenheimer
Bruises - Chairlift
Contagious - Avril Lavigne
Dancing Queen - ABBA
Do The Panic - Phantom Planet
Does Your Mother Know - ABBA
Fearless - Taylor Swift
Feeling Better - The Teenagers
Foundations - Kate Nash
Girls and Boys In Love - The Rumble Strips
Hot 'n' Cold - Katy Perry
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me - Annie
Ice Cream - New Young Pony Club
If You Can Afford Me - Katy Perry
In The Morning - The Coral
Love It When You Call - The Feeling
Love Story - Taylor Swift
Mad About The Boy - Ava Leigh
Mary's Song (Oh My My My) - Taylor Swift
Mercy - Duffy
My World - Avril Lavigne
Naive - The Kooks
Sweet About Me - Gabriella Cilmi
On the Beat - Electrocute
Our Song - Taylor Swift
Paper Planes - MIA
Pull Shapes - The Pipettes
Pumpkin Soup -Kate Nash
Rad - Smoosh
Shake It - Metro Station
She's Got You High - Mumm-Ra
She's So Lovely - Scouting For Girls
Spotlight (Twilight Mix) - Mutemath
Stay Beautiful - Taylor Swift
Super Duper Love - Joss Stone
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
Tim McGraw - Taylor Swift
Toothpaste Kisses - The Maccabees
Turn It Up - Robots In Disguise
Ultraviolet - The Stiff Dylans
Up - The Saturdays
Valerie - The Zutons
We Get On - Kate Nash
When Did Your Heart Go Missing - Rooney
Who Needs Love? - Razorlight
Wonderwall - Oasis
You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John
1234 - Feist
5 Years Time - Noah and The Whale

wow. that's a long list!

If you're ever feeling down - look at this post! 

There's nothing that 60 songs from my iPod can't cure :P

Have a lovely day


..that's how it goes...! ♫♫



Yes, well. Ahem.

My bro is in his last year of primary school and the Y7s always do a play. So he's preparing an audition piece =)

He's not actually singing that song, he's doing Consider Yourself. Oh no, I'm off again..


Adding Oliver! to my list of fave musicals. I think I'll put it behind Grease but in front of Hairspray. 

Mamma Mia! is still 1st :)

And I watched Funny Face yesterday. 3rrrrd.

OK, back to the point. He has to do an acting piece, so he and his friend are doing a bit from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And then Consider Yourself.

Mother's Day today :)

I'm skint so I made buns. My brother got her an IPOD. And my sis got her a basket that's got lotsa chocolate in it. 

Both of my siblings are younger than me!! I hate being broke. But those jeans were worth it.


Bonjour, mon petite blogger amies.


I make no apologies for the french(ish) title.

Sorry I haven't written in a while. I'm practising really hard for my violin grade 4. It's next Saturday (eep) and I'm still a bit unsure of those pesky scales. 

Well, Happy Friday!

Lovely and sunny here in Belfast, N.I. First day of spring today! 

And it's only 11 school days til I'm off for Easter hols. I'm going to Spain ;)

Maybe I should have made that title spanish?

Hola, mi poco blogger amigas. 

Have a fabby weekend!


happy st. paddy's :D



I love St.Paddy's Day. Sorry, St. Patrick. But who calls it St. Patrick's Day, anyhow?

Today was really really FAB. I wore skinny jeans and uggs and a white tee and long grey cardi with a thick sparkly, and, of course, green belt around the tee and cardi. :D

Then I went to a mass in Irish and that was fine, but what happened after was the best....

Three of my friends and I went to see Eoghan Quigg.

Eoghan. Quigg. 

From the X Factor, you know? Ohmygosh - I love him. I didn't when I went there (my heart belongs to rob pattinson) but we went and we were right up at the front and he was amazing!!!

He sang Year 3000 and We're All In This Together and 28,000 friends or something and Never Forget Where You're Coming From and the one that goes imagine all the peeeople...


It was so funny (and great) cos he was wearing a jacket, but he said 'It's too warm in here' and took it off :P all the girls were SCREAMING. And then about 20 mins later he took off his SHIRT and he was wearing this vest thing!!!

There were SO many people wearing irish flag hats and etc etc. I love being Irish :D

I took a lot of vids and pics but I can't really be bothered putting them up so I'll get you a google image... One sec.

Ooh cool! The Google image is all shamrock-y. 

aaah!!! And he was EVEN BETTER in real life!!

Have a lovely St.Paddy's day! 

lots of green glitter and a dancing leperchaun :P


My Yellow Bus Is In The Front Room


I just got the weirdest text message ever.

I'm assuming (and seriously hoping) that it was sent to me by mistake.

'I need water. My yellow bus is in the front room. NOW.'

Told you it was weird! The person must have used predictive text because I typed in 'bus' on my phone and 'cup' comes up too. 

What is the world coming to if people need to demand a yellow bus?




Taylor Swift's album - Fearless - is amazing!

Seriously. It's the shizz. 

She said she would get a heart tattoo on her foot if it went double platinum. It's gone triple platinum.

I wonder if she'll get it! I don't want to get a tattoo - I'm too scared of the PAIN!!

Happy Lazy Sunday :)


Comic Relief!


Yesterday, (Friday the 13th - AGAIN), was Red Nose Day in the UK. A.K.A Comic Relief! Woop!

Comic Relief is a charity that fights against malaria in Africa, and helps out young carers,  runaways etc in the UK, too.

It's pretty awesome.

Anyhow, I wore a red nose to school yesterday, but our form tutor was annoyed with our class because some peeps  messed around in History on Thursday, and our history teacher came to registration in the morning and complained :( He made us write an essay in form period on 'why respect is important'. Mine was really deep. I said, 'Together, with respect, (school), the city, the country, the world, will be a better place.'

Oh yeah... Anyhow.

He made anyone with a red nose take them off. It's lucky my hair covered the red heart drawn on my cheek with lip-liner :P

The TV is great for Comic Relief. I watched the doc of the celebs climbing up Mount Kilamanjaro, it was so good. They raised so much money. 

And then there was Comic Relief Does The Apprentice, the Mamma Mia spoof (that was hilarious), the Ricky Gervais thing... and of course the videos showing the effects of malaria. Those videos were so sad, and a bit distressing too. I mean, who likes to see babies die? I sent the text message that donates a fiver, buys a mosquito net, and saves a life pretty much. Then my family called in and gave £50 which gives emergency treatment to 40 kids with malaria.

One child dies every 30 seconds from malaria. That's one million every year, and it's a preventable cause!! 

To anyone who did see it - did you see the video of the teacher who asked her class to put up their hands if they knew someone who died from malaria? The whole class had their hands up. I was in tears the whole time. 

But, omygosh, you will never believe how much money the raised!!!

OVER £57,000,000! 57 MILLION POUNDS!!!!!!!!

That will help so much

What else. It's my school's ski trip. I really wish I'd gone! I was allowed to!! I didn't want to at the time, but I do now! They're away to Austria.

Downloading some music... yesterday and today iTunes are donating 20p from the 79p a song costs in the UK top 40. I bought a few, Right Round, I'm Yours, Broken Strings... and I just bought Taylor Swift's album :)

Feels good to help the world.

lots of love
kate xx

Eyeko = Love


Eyeko really DOES equal love. It's Japanese xD

Since I am an ambassador - I woul
d love (or EYEKO) to tell you that I recently purchased EYEKO CREAM!

This thing is fabulous in a pretty pink box. It's a moisturizing base with Vitamin E and other lovely things. It isn't foundation - more a glowy base which makes your face all gorgey and soft. :)

Buy it. Fiver. 

Alsoooo... EYEKO MAGIC LIQUID EYELINER is baaack in town!! It's been out of stock for two months, I think! It's a liquid eyeliner that you dip in any eyeshadow colour you like, and it turns it into an eyeliner in the same colour!!!! Around £3.50 in Superdrug!!! 

Love it. Eyeko it!

xo xo

Louise's Beeeeeautiful Blog


Blog discoveraay!

Louise (in my class) has started a beeeautiful blog - inspired by moi, I might add, hehe. :P

It's cool - she writes all about her day, her thoughts, what's going on the world o' Louise... Pretty awesome stuff.

Check it out!!

10 Things You May Not Know About Me


1. My hair is light brown and super curly. It actually hangs in ringlets.

2. Right now I'm wearing pink p.j bottoms, a tee and pink piggy slippers. :@)

3. I have 329 songs on my iPod. I need more.

4. I really wish I could start my homework on time. Soz. It's just not possible.

5. I'm kind of a book/shop/choc-a-holic.

6. I got the Gossip Girl season one boxset yesterday. Love it!

7. I love Audrey Hepburn (glam 50s movie star). I've got her boxset too :)

8. I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Twilight. I'm working through it, although all my hard work will have been for nothing once the DVD comes out. I've pre-ordered it from Amazon!

9. I get 300 free texts a month with my phone tariff. It kinda sucks 'cause they're gone in a day :P

10. I really like it when I get comments. Hint. 

xo xo

Happy Friday!



Look who's on the computer!


My week - same old. I need to make my normal days more exciting. 

Therefore, I don't have all that much to write. Or, if I do, I've forgotten, because whatever funny/random/sad thing that happened to me on a certain day, I can't write about on the same day, 'cause of this VIRUS!!!!!!

At least it's Friday :)

listening to She Move's In Her Own Way - by the Kooks



Is it just me or have the fruit-parts in Muller corners gotten smaller?


I hate viruses!!!


 Heyy guys

Sozzies I haven't written in a while!

Someone sent me a virus through Windows Live - damn spammers. :(

It's making my computer super slow.. so I won't be able to blog so much, because it takes about 25 minutes just to get it going.

I'm determined to post at least one post per week though! 

Nothing much going on... same old!

xo xo

Doesn't Anyone Love Me?


I am upset.


Please comment! I haven't had a lot lately, and it's bringing me down, maan!

Aren't I interesting? Do you find me.. boring? I thought you liked my random ramblings?

No.. OK.



Pancake Tuesday :D


Happy Pancake Tuesday!

We made them this morning in H.E. I made about 7 - lol. But they weren't big crépe ones :(.

Is the accent supposed to be the other way on crépe? Anyhow.

Then had more for tea!

I will never eat another pancake again.

Well. For a while.

Eggs, milk and flour equals pancake power. :D

I'm skipping lots of lines in this post. My French teacher would be happy. She makes us do 'good book' homework on alternate lines, because it's 'easier to mark'. Big fat waste of trees in my opinion!

Sacré bleu!

Lent starts tomorrow - oh no. I'm off all junk food, but that could be a little unrealistic...

Perhaps only chocolate? Because choc is really the only junk that I eat.

I dunno. I'll probably change it at least three times over Lent!

There's a sharp shooting pain in my left knuckles.... hmm...


xo xo

listening to: The Script album

Short Moan


My feet are sore.
My back is sore.
My toe is sore. (Please don't ask!)

School is tiring.
School is boring, dull and a little dreary.
School is painful on my feet and back. And, apparently, big toe. 

Wait, my toe is on my sore foot.

xo xo

Purrty Cats


funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals



I reaally need a new book.

You know, a big fat one, that I can get completely lost in for a few days..

In case you didn't know, I'm a bookworm. 

Does anyone have any recommendations? Teenage novels? I like a good story :P

Sozzies that I haven't posted in a few days.

xo xo

listening to: If You Can Afford Me - Katy Perry

Big Grin :D


Well, you said you wanted a photo!

I just posted a pic of my new, non-brace smile. ;D
They look really yellow in that light! LOL! They really aren't that yellow!

I've decided I don't want to post a head-shot of myself. Not coz I think you are all creepy weirdos - just that I really haven't being doing this blog all that long... I dunno. I just don't want to yet. Maybe when I get to 100 posts or something? This is like my 39th or something.

xo xo

P.S - those white dangly things hanging from my ears are my beloved earphones. Just in case you thought I was deformed.

My Fave Quote


Officially, my fave quote. From the song 'I Was Broken' by the amazing Rob Pattinson! Love him so much, he's such a fab actor. And he's completely gorge too!! <3

'Whatever makes you blind, must make you strong.'

Isn't that so nice? 

I've subscribed to the Patty Cast - the ultimate Rob Pattinson podcast. So funny!

Just giving you an update! xD

I'm listening to.. The PattyCast - Episode 8. Alright, so it's not a song. Whatevaah!

xo xo