how's it going?


so. hi.

i don't blog anymore, as you can tell.
i kind of want to write a long, eventful post, but really, all i've been doing :)
i've changed a lot. anything you remember about me is basically the opposite now.
not changed in bad ways, or even particularly good ways honestly. i'm just growing up, an' all. [i'm 15, not 13, as my v e r y outdated bio states].
i hope all my old friends from blogspot are keeping well.
i'm not deleting because i'm sure this will be fun to look back on in a few years. ;)


Ella and Hannah


I own the moon, earth dweller. Goodnight.. aaaWOOOOO!!!

She take my money
When I'm in need
Oh she's a trifling
Friend indeed
WHHOOA she's a golddigger! WaaaaAAY over time!
That digs on me.

Day 2


Hey Ella

Glad you enjoyed the last post.

Sleep tight :)

Hello Ella


I know you have discovered a new found interest for this blog.
However if you continue reading it out loud in public, I will break your arms.

Lots of love,

bye bye, 00s!


hellooo bloggers!

Well I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! What did Santa bring everybody? I gots me a camera, v cool iPod dock && some clothes/books/other etcs.

I can't believe it's the end of the noughties! A whole decade has passed.. I wonder what the teenies will bring. When you think about it, it's pretty big, like the end of the 70s,80s,90s. The 00s brought us the iPhone, Britney Spears' meltdowns, the return of the 80s (wonder if the 00s will make a come back in 20 years? I think the future generation could do with some blazers, jeggings, the smokey eye and bodycon if you ask me..), swine flu, a Black president of the US, the Iraq war, a shredded economy, a whole massive Nintendo explosion, the beginning of Harry Potter and Twilight obsessions.. I could go on. We sure got a good run out of the past 10 years..

I think what the whole world needs is some hope, faith and determination. Hope that the human race can overcome all the crazy shit (scuse my french).. faith in who we are and determination to achieve a better place for us all to be born, to live, and to die.

I like the New Year, though. My resolutions are:
1) try to see the positive in everything, and by the end of the year be a slightly better person.
2) save my pennies. no more blowing it in topshop or on mags!
3) finish the impossible quiz. It's driving me CRAZY.
4) stop drinking so much diet coke.

I still have five hours & 54 minutes to chug down as much as possible though. Wonder how mental I'll be at midnight.. *shudder*

Looking forward to reading all about what you thought of the year/decade. Oversharing is still black, ya know. So go forth and BLOG!

big hugs!
Kate xoxoxox




Just want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, hope you & your families have a lovely holiday!

and for all the vegetarians - NUT ROAST IS THE FUTURE.

see ya'll in the new year!


I can't think of a cool enough title


Paramore were AMAZING :-)

seriously! they were the best live band I have EVER seen... was screaming and jumping up and down the whole night with Hannah! woooot.

we got back at like 2am coz we had to drive back from dublin.. crashed in the car.. then conked out as soon as we got back to my house!

but really if you like paramore & get the chance to see them, GO.

that is all.


ignorance is MY new best friend ;-)


Hello :))

I'm going to see Paramore tomorrow...!! Can't wait!

but I don't know what to wear!!! :-O





I was just wondering if anyone has seen Paranormal Activity? I kind of want to see it... but then again I really really don't..!! Some girls in another class saw it and they were scared stupid and were crying--sleeping in their parents room... but said it was good!

so if you've seen it could you leave a comment saying what you thought? 

                                           thank you xx

new frickin moon.


Good evening.

My name is Kate and I am writing to inform you of a movie I recommend you see. It is called 'New Moon' and is the second part of the very successful 'Twilight Saga'.


I saw it on it's release date on Friday with Hannah (RealFlan) at 11.45am. I never thought I would care so much about a movie to go and see one that early.

Obviously because I am a total Twilight fangal and COMPLETELY obsessed I would write about it saying it was fantastic, but it really really was. I know people who don't like Twilight, saw New Moon and suddenly like it.

It was actually a really enjoyable movie, well directed, excellent music + songs at the perfect places, fantastic acting... seriously full package. It was funny as well. And it was really good to see them smile.. because Twilight doesn't have many of those! I loved the whole earthy brown and gold colours of New Moon compared to the blues of Twilight. They were very clever with attracting the non-fans!

In fact it was so good Hannah and myself came out of the cinema, walked around town for a bit (utterly speechless), then ran back in and bought tickets for the next showing.

watch it! even if it's just to see sexy Taylor and Rob!! ;-)