so thank you very much to Sara, Sasha and Jenny for giving me various awards! You are all FABBY :)

of course right back to you.. although I am going to do Sara's ABC thinga-ma-bob

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Available/Single? single ;)

Best Friend? I have a group of me and four other bezzies

Cake or Pie? this is TOO hard!! gooey chocolate cake..yummo

Drink of Choice? the milkshakes from the Cookie Box in town. I'm hungry now, btw.

Essential item you use everyday? phone or iPod

Favorite colour? pink & purple & yellow

Google? yes, it's very helpful..

Hometown? Belfast, Northern Ireland

Indulgence? books, make-up, yummy things :)

January or February? what's the difference? lol!

Kids and their names? daughter name Eva, Meabh (maeve) or Ruby. Don't know about sons.

Life is incomplete without...? MUSIC!!

Marriage date? 14th of June, 2025, 4pm. NOT.

Number of siblings? 2 - younger brother and sister.

Oranges or apples? Snow white-esque apples or non-sour oranges. I don't care. This is a stupid question!! lol

Phobias/fears? spiders and ghosts.

Quote for today? time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. such as doing this quiz.

Reason to smile? I gave myself a damn good pedicure this morning and am admiring it ;)

Season? Summer - late June and early July. (I copied your answer, Sara, but we have so much in common..hehe)

Tag three people? Sara, Sasha and Jenny

Unknown fact about me? I have dark blue eyes... fascinating..

Vegetable you don't like? I know it's not very original but brusse sprouts.

Worst habit? I have SO many habits! it's because I'm crazy. seriously. I think I have OCD. So I won't go into them.

X-rays you've had? teeeeeth.

Your favorite food? anything really! as long as it's VEGGIE!

Zodiac sign? diplomatic Libra, thank you very much :)

that was fun!!

kate xoxox

avada kebabra!


hellooo :)

I FINALLY saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince yesterday, and I thought it was pretty good - although the book's better. Obvs.

I remember starting to read Harry Potter in P2 when I was 6, and I was understanding it and everything. Go me!! Hahaha. I am an 'avid reader'. Anyhow. I haven't read the books since 2 years ago when the 7th book came out and I read 1-6 in like 2 weeks so I could refresh my memory ;)

I didn't really remember too much of the book which was actually pretty good coz it means I could really focus on the movie as a movie and not compare too much. Although I did notice they left a few things out.

I give it 3/5 stars. It was good and funny but it was pretty long and kind of confusing unless you've read all of the books.

BUT I was sitting beside my friend who you should never see a movie you really care about seeing with!! ;) If you know her and have been to the cinema with her you know what I mean!! She started talking about Amy Winehouse halfway through.

ELLA: 'Doesn't she look like Amy Winehouse?'
ME: 'Yeah. OK, be quiet.'
ELLA: 'She does though.'
ME: 'Did you hear she assaulted one of her dancers?'
ELLA: 'Yeah! And she's got a court case and everything.'
ME: 'Tried to make me go to rehab and I said..'
BOTH: ', no, no!'

It's worth seeing though because Daniel Radcliffe is h-o-t :)

toodles xoxoxox

I'm a real cry-baby :'(


Hi. Sob.

SOO about 45 minutes ago my aunty and cousin left for Dublin airport. They're going back to San Diego and I've been crying like a.. thing that cries.

I miss them so much already. My grandparents house (that's where I've been for the past week, btw, in Dundalk) is so quiet without Aisling. I wish I could give her a big hug right now. OK, I'm crying now.

I'm a real cry-baby. I cry at everything. Normally I can control it if I'm in the cinema or something but I've just been sobbing and I can't STOP!! I just think of Ash or my aunty and it starts again. Every year as much as family as poss meet up to go on holiday somewhere, but we're dotted out in Ireland-America-Australia. It's really special when we meet up but then really sad saying goodbye. I'm off again.

Sorry for such a depressing post, I just needed to get that off my chest!!

Back to Belfast this afternoon :)

see ya xx

guess who?



back from Donegal - amazing - but tomorrow I'm going to dundalk for a week. Might be able to use my techno grandad's laptop though..

Donegal was so good, but it was even better to see my little cousin Aisling and my aunty. They live in San Diego so we don't get to see each other too often. She is the CUTEST thing ever! I love her so much :)

Lots of things to do when I'm back - got to get my Belfast summer on! Including posting a video for YouTube channel chicklitchicks2 - if you haven't checked it out, where have you been? In a place with no Internet connection? Yeah? Well, fine. But check it out now!!

I read a ton of books while away so I'll chatter away about them :)

byee xox xox

music therapy:
rabbit heart (raise it up) - florence + the machine

NOO ANDY!!! why??? WHY??!!


soo as you can see from the title I've been watching wimbledon.. & that I am slightly disappointed andy murray didn't beat the other dude.

This is kind of a 'see ya for a bit' post coz I'm away to Donegal tomorrow :) :) :) my aunty and little american cousin Aisling (ash-ling :P. I know, stupid hard to spell irish names) are there too and I am SO EXCITED to see them!!

I know. I don't know how you will survive without my ingenious wit and hilarity for two weeks either. Now, now calm down guys! I'll try to post while I'm away through this mobile blogger thing.

Soooo the other day I went to see My Sister's Keeper and it was tres tres good. Yeeah so I cried a little bit but had to control myself coz I didn't want to look like a panda with smudged mascara.. anyhow if you haven't seen it yet try to get to it because it's a really good movie :)

Right. This is goodbye. I told myself I wouldn't cry -- but...

LOL. Control yourselves people. BYEEEEEE!!!!!