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I've had it for a while - just remembered my username (lol)

xoxo kate

ps. thinking about changing the blog name? I'm keeping the url - but 'my pink-sprinkled blog' is kinda in the lisa clark phase! <3>

Fun Etc.


Heylo ;)

Good news - passed my grade 4 violin! Just made it by the skin of my teeth, I got 100 and that's the minimum pass score!

Just I predicted. Look back through my posts and it says that I think I'll just pass... freaky..!

After orchestra this morning (dull) I went into town with my friends. It's our friend's bday on sunday, so me and the gang/posse/group/whatever, each brought in £10 and put it all together to get her loadsa stuff. We bought her a big oversized handbag and filled it with make-up, jewellery, hair stuff, clothes etc. Then when one of our gang/posse/group/whatever left to go to a piano lesson, we went and did the same for her 'coz it's her bday this friday.

woop woop! so good day.

and next weekend is birthday party weekend! Lucky it's may day this monday!

lots of looove
kate xo xo

I'm a Rock'n'Roll Chick.



A few days ago I got the soundtrack to the movie The Boat That Rocked. Haven't seen the movie - it's a 15, :'( - but the soundtrack is awesome.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about buying it, 'coz it's all classic 60s/70s rock 'n' roll, and what not. I'm more of a modern-indie-rock-pop-type'a gal, myself, but I really love it.

36 songs for £9.99! Or around $20.. I don't know the exchange rate :P

Anyhow, it's full of timeless classics.

My faves are All Day and All of The Night - The Kinks
Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
Elenore - The Turtles
Judy in Disguise (With Glasses) - John Fred & His Playboy Band
Dancing In The Street - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Crimson & Clover - Tommy James & The Shondells
The Letter - The Box Tops
Silence Is Golden - The Tremeloes
Friday On My Mind - Easybeats
My Generation - The Who
I Feel Free - Cream
Cleo's Mood - Jr.Walker & The All-Stars
The Happening - The Supremes
98.6 - The Bystanders
Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield (;P)
Let's Dance - David Bowie

So, if you're contemplating buying/downloading it, I say hell yeah.


13 and a Half



I just realised!

I'm exactly 13 and a half today ;P

Happy half birthday to me!

xo xo

music therapy
elbow - grounds for divorce




I'm back, as you may have guessed.

Spain was really really really good. 

I did loadsa stuff. 

Stayed in Torremolinos, near Malaga.

Went to a little Spanish town called Mijas, went to the market in Fuengirola, went to the Picasso Museum in Malaga, went to the zoo (:P), went to Tivoli World theme park (I'm still dizzy), and then chilled by the pool, walked along the beach, and ate way too much ice-cream.

It was great!

Feels good to be back though. Apart from school tomorrow (gah!). We starting athletics in p.e, which I am pretty much dreading!

spanish smoochies
xo xo


(PS. in Mijas, I got these AWESOME canvas paintings - one of audrey hepburn & one of marilyn monroe. they are fab. I'm going to hang them up in my room :D)



Hey :D

I watched the commentary with Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Catherine Hardwicke on the Twilight DVD. It was v. funny!

Anyhow, I'm really just posting to say that I'm going to Spain over the hols (:D) so won't be posting for a while.

I know, I know, I'll miss you too!!

iAdios, amigas!

xo xo

just a big bundle of happy. XD


Sooo my sleepover was lots and lots of fun :)

Thanks for all the tips... (ahem)

We listened to music and gossiped and did eachothers nails and put on face-masks and wrote a musical. It's called 'Inanimate Objects - The Musical'. It's pretty good. lol. we were just lying around and then the word 'lamp-post' came into my head and I started making up a song about it. Then I made up one about a post-box etc. So random. 

The next day we went into town (got a long stripy cardigan for £7 in new look - half price, woop! and some hairbands from claire's). We were in Debenhams looking at the make-up, and we were looking at some powders from a range called 'benefit' and one of make-up artists asked if we wanted to try them out. On me she used a primer thing (which is amazing) and the new powder in the lightest colour (I have v.pale skin) and something else. Anyhow it looked really good, if I say so myself. And although the benefit range is pretty expensive I love it.

And the final thing I wanted to say is.... TWILIGHT 2 DISC SPECIAL EDITION ARRIVED FROM AMAZON YESTERDAY!!!! AAAAAH!!!!!

Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh I love Twilight. 

I pre-ordered it from amazon about a month and a half before the UK release date on monday. lol! I watched it today and most of the special features too!! yaaay!!!!

Can't wait for New Moon. It comes out in November - that may be in the US though. Anyhow end of the year. 

lots of love
kate xo

we all love a good girly sleepover...


Hey hey hey

I'm having a sleepover tomorrow night with the gang ;)

Anyone have any fun, girly slumber party tips?


music therapy
muse - map of the problematique

woop de woop woop



school is finished! for two giantic weeks!

last night it was my school's 'music for spring' concert. It was amazing. Seriously.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm in the choir & orchestra. You should hear some of the upper 6ths. I can't even describe it... I know I'm going to sound all soppy here (you may want to leave) but their voices and instrumental talents are so perfect and insprational. I am definitely not exaggerating when I say watch this space.

A guy in my school just got his distinction in grade 8 piano. If you know about that sort of thing you know it is a huge deal.

I don't know why, maybe it's because I feel I'm really a part of my school more than the school of music (where I get my lessons and am in another orchestra), but I felt so proud to be part of such an incredible school that has such a talented music department. I know that being interested in music opens a lot of oppurtunities for me. 

I'm getting really cheesy.

You may have noticed that I'm more of a musical person than a sports one. lol. I'm really a manic dancing/walking to school/yoga poses kinda gal on the exercise front.

Anyhow, because I'm so happy to be part of the music department, I ordered a hoodie with the school badge on  it, my initials, and I (heart) MUSIC one the back =]

There's a new english teacher in. Oh. My. God. She is Ms. Meanie Meanie Mean Mean.

She's replacing a teacher who we have right now for the Employabilty section of LLW (learning for life and work). She's just so horrible. You'd think that on your first week at a new job, you would try to be nice to the people you're working with. 

I'd already decided my present career choices (these are v.prone to changing!)

- Photographer
- Interior Designer
- Music Journalist
- Authour

there were a few more but I've forgotten them! lol!

I can hear incredibly loud birds squawking outside. They're coming back for Spring! Yaay! Spring has SPRUNG!

Oh - I forgot to say! I might be going on my school's ski trip next year! I've put my name down so hopefully I get in! WOOO!

I feel a little bad, though. It's £790 to cover everything and £100 deposit. I'm saving up and hopefully will be able to pay for half with birthday/christmas money. But that'll only come after my bday in October and Christmas in December.. but it's in March next year so I should be OK!

But we're going to Spain this easter and maybe even Calafornia this summer. Oh God I feel so awful. Maybe I shouldn't go.. My mum really wants me to though because she's been skiing a lot with her friends when she was a teenager and she keeps saying it was so much fun and it's a brilliant opportunity.

I just typed that entire paragraph without looking at the keyboard. 




Happy April Fool's Day!!


At the start of the morning I got our classroom assitant by telling her that her mascara was all smudged around her eye. She was like, 'What?! Where?!!' Then I started laughing and she said 'I'm going to get you back. Catherine!!'

Don't go there. Don't ever call me Catherine. She knows this annoys me.

JUST SO YA KNOW - my name is Kate, it's not a nick-name etc. I'm going to tell you the short story that I have told about 25 times in my life.

When I was born, my mum and dad wanted me to be called KATE, but they put CATHERINE on the birth cert so I could choose which one I liked best. That was a waste of time though, I never got the choice 'coz I've always been called Kate.

OK. Moving on.

It's pretty funny, instead of just saying 'April Fool' I sort of shout, 'April FOOOL!'

My ingenious hilarity back-fired though. At registration the boy I sit beside said 'Orchestra's cancelled today.' (we were supposed to practise periods 1-4 for a spring concert tomorrow).
I turned round to him and said 'What? But I haven't got any of my books for those subjects! Aah!'

While our form tutor was taking a register, he turned round and mouthed 'April Fool!'

It's a love/hate relationship most people have with this thing.

Tell me about your shenanigans. Who got you? Who'd ya get?