summer always begins with rain..




There's something about summer that is so.. I dunno. It just makes people happy. Doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing. Even the word sounds happy! :)

Too bad it's a bit cloudy today! haha! That's Ireland for you! The sun is peeking out through the grey though so hopefully it'll turn out to be a nice day.

Yesterday school ended around 12-ish (I don't use a watch. I live in the moment ;P) and me and the crew (lol) went to the park and messed around, then went to LaserQuest - which seems to be turning into our thing, us nerds! - I came 3rd again! Then got ice-cream and chips, eaten in that order, and 2 big cartons of apple juice for 80p each :)

It was a gorgeous day and we were all exhausted from tramping around everywhere so much!

In the half day of school we had yesterday we watched the end of 'Life is Beautiful' or 'La (something) Bella'. It's Italian and it's SOO good. I don't mind subtitles so I loved it. Seriously. It you haven't seen it rent it now!! It's about the WWII - and I know you're thinking, oh no, not another war movie, but it's about this guy who's Jewish so he and his son have to go to a worker camp. His wife isn't Jewish but pretends to be so she can be with her husband and son. So the guy tries to turn it into a game for his 6 year old son, saying that they have to get points through doing things and the prize is a tank. It's really funny and sad and amazing.

And some people started throwing Haribos (alight, I started it!) and someone chucked one RIGHT IN MY EYE. RIGHT IN THE SOCKET. And it hit me really hard too! My eye sort of closed automatically and I was screaming 'I've been blinded!!' so my friend lent me her sunnies to wear coz my eye was all bloodshot and looked like I'd been crying in one eye, or I had hayever and someone put an eyepatch over my left eye but shoved grass in the right. You get the picture.

Anyway, if anyone asked me why I was wearing sunglasses inside, I told them sorry, I had been partially blinded by a Haribo and need them on for medical reasons.

It is still really sore actually! It's painful looking at my computer screen. See the sacrifices I make for you people??! LOL

I'm so looking forward to the summer. Have a lovely day :)

kkkkkate xxxxxxx

music therapy:
radar - britney spears

hurry up!! no, wait - SLOW DOWN!!!!


Bonjour, mon petite bloggers

Soooo. SUMMER!! Aaaah!! Can't wait!! Summer is just perfection for me. No school, no stress, just chilling out, having fun... aaah. Bliss.

Then again, summer flies by and then into year 10! Weird. I can't believe how fast this school year has gone. I've been in big school for two years now!

Fab news! I've joined the Sara and Sasha's YouTube channel called chicklitchicks2 and I've discovered about 10mins ago that a couple of other blogger gals are in on it too! How exciting!!!! Yaaay!!

I'll upload a vid whenever. Back to the topic of summer!

I'm not going anywhere coz we went to Spain in April over Easter hols. Well, I'm going somewhere down south but I can't really remember where. And probs to our house in Donegal too.

I really don't mind not going anywhere abroad coz I'm really not one of those people who thinks to have a real summer they have to travel all over the place. This is still gonna be the best summer ever.. cheesy I know! But I'm determined to make every single day really fun!!

And yes I KNOW I used the word 'really' three times in that last paragraph. Shut up. It's my blog.

Friday is LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! and LAST DAY OF YEAR 9!! Yesssss!!!

Our form tutor is all no talk and no action, he promised us a class trip bowling and pizza hut and movie but obviously was too busy teaching science and singing 'I get by with a little help with my friends' to organise it. And I'm not kidding about that song. He plays the guitar and thinks he's amazing. He tried to make us sing a song for an assembly.. luckily we didn't do it but it was still embarrassing watching him sing. I've never thought of him in the same way again.

Anyhow.. back to the topic!! The whole class is just going out without the teachers and we're going to the park and just getting subway and ice-cream and messing around. I think some of us are going to LaserQuest in the Ozone in the park.. It should be really fun with everyone there :)

Au revoir.. kate xxxxxx



helloo bloggers and bloggees

I had a really fun weekend :) today I'm just chilling in my jammies!!

FRIDAY - one of my bezzie's bday party
-laserquest (I came 3rd out of all of us and these dudes we played against. they were like 17)
-went back to hers and we all got dressed up
-went out to nandos
-slept over at hers


SATURDAY - another of my bezzie's bday party. the previous bday girl is part of our group too so it was like a big extended party! :)
- got breakfast
-got ready
-picked up by 2nd girl's mum
-bowling (2nd :D)
-pizza hut
-W5 (lol!! it's not just for kids!! ok??!!)

It was a really fun weekend :) AT W5 my two friends and I were watching this demo of this guy doing experiments with stuff like baking soda & vinegar etc. We were a bit hyper so I put my hand up to be a volunteer with two other little seven year olds or something!! lol!! We were making these rocket things in little camera film capsules and mine SOO went the highest!! I was so proud (lol)

hope you all had a nice weekend!

kate xxxxx

four and a half days of school!

music therapy
don't forget - demi lovato

heyy... that hoit



I am SOOO proud of you!! You are an incredible actor.. where did that come from?

Your solo song was amazing.. you did have the nerve..!

You were so funny.. stole the show.

I heard so many people talking about you and about 15 people came up to me saying how brilliant you were!

... for my younger brother, who played the cowardly lion in his primary school's production of the Wizard of Oz. I'm not exaggerating just coz he's my bro etc. etc. but he was WONDERFUL and he's so talented.

Seriously, like 15 people have come up to me congratulating your performance and I heard loadsa people talking about how great you were. I was just sitting grinning to myself :)

I was CRYING with laughter!

A few of my school's teachers went to see it last night and my RE teacher described him as 'out of this world'.

Love you SOO much bro. I won't fight with you for, like, a WEEK. Lol. Just kidding.. XX

kate xxxx

freedom tastes so sweet. or is that revenge? either way, I'm free!!


YESSSS x100!!! YAAAAAAY!! x1000 wooHOOO!! x10000

exams have finished!!! It was a long week (to answer a few comments on the last post, yup they last a week).

One or two were really hard, most were fine and a couple were easy ;)
I'll post my results whenever I get them.

Sara Leslie said that they don't do exams til standard grade? Whatever that is. Yeah, we do GCSES. In my school we have winter and summer exams every year, just to see how you're getting on etc. Obviously not as important as GCSEs, AS and A2, but they help show you what you're good at, what you're not so good at, what you like, what you don't, so they help you pick the subjects you want to do.

I'm so happy they're done! :) I feel like I haven't posted in ages, even though it's only been five days.

Quite a few things happened over those five days..

- my fish died (but it's OK, coz I actually have no idea what it's name was!! seriously!! I've been trying to remember for like 3 days!!)

- I hit my head, because there was a s-p-i-d-e-r on the shower curtain and I started screaming (as you do) and slipped when I jumpered out of the shower..hehehe.

- I went into town with my friends to get birthday prezzies for two people in my group after we got out of school yesterday. It's kind of awkward - two of them have their birthdays really close together - 1st of May and 7th of May - and the other two 10th of June and 16th of June. And then my birthday is waaay out on the 19th October. Hahahahahah. We're hoping Miss 10th June has a sense of humour because we got her 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, san pads, packet of tissues, like 11 bars of chocolate..!! We were a bit hyper after the euphoria of finishing tests, you know. We did get her good stuff though! A t-shirt, a really pretty bag, nice bath stuff, hairbands etc.

- I perfected my autograph.

It's good to have a social life again. Even if it only involves one, lonesome fish.

kate xxxxxxx

fun filled day. ahem.


soo first day of (dun dun dun!) exams is over!! woop!!

spanish was HARD! do U ever get where you've been studying and studying, and then the paper goes in front of you and you just BLANK?!!

yeahh.. well that happened to me. There was this IR verb bit that didn't even give you the verb.. so I had to just leave it because what?? you can't go around changing verbs if U don't know what the verb IS!! but apparently the IR verb 'to go' was on the revision list.. anyhow it still should have been there!

maths was fine.. nothing much to say about it really.

tomorrow is just history coz I don't do Irish so we get two revision periods, which just DRAAAAG. history is mostly sources too so there isn't a whole lotta work I can do for that!!!

kate xx

I need more TIME!!


hey :D

aaaaaaaah! I have exams next monday - friday.
And am kind of scared!!

I need more time to study!!

But I get myself too worked up about these things.. I admit it.

Just keeping you posted. And keeping myself from going crazy by venting things out into cyberworld. Same old.

have a nice weekend. And thank the Lord you have lives. I have to study. MORE. :(


ACTUALLY change that :( into a :D. Summer is almost here.. one week of exams and then school goes how school should be - watching movies and messing around. It's amazing how even though my head is pounding with uses for urea formaldehyde (YES! I remembered) I can still focus on the positives. Mwahahahahaha.

kate xxxxx

mtv movie awards & other thingymabobs


sooo I watched the mtv movie awards last night!

It's pretty annoying that it shows a day after it does in America. Why? Why would they do that to us?!! Coz then I already knew who won. But whatever. It was still amazing :)

OF COURSE the only real reason I watched it was to see the new moon clip. Which was friggin' a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! It looks a lot better than the 1st one too - so it should be fantastic!

It was soo hilarious when Rob & Kristen won best kiss and they were about to kiss and then Kristen turned away and went 'thank you soo much!' into the microphone!

Twilight won pretty much everything it was nominated for :D:D:D

Hahhahahahahahahaha (I'm actually laughing just thinking about this) Kristen won best female performance & she was so nervous going up - as you would! - and then she dropped her golden popcorn! It just went flying out of her hands! And she sort of sprung towards it but then decided it would be less embarassing if she just walked off. I suppose that's why she's playing Bella.

Sweltering today too! Past 25.C I think. I had a bit of a headache actually in school buried under my uniform. Even in my summer shirt. We ate lunch outside and I took off my shoes & socks. No-one was wearing jumpers today :) but it was a lovely atmosphere - everyone lying out in the grass, watching the Y8s football training, and I had my mini iPod speakers in so there was music playing.. etc. etc.

exams next week (aah!) I had my spanish listening on monday (easy - except for last question!), music tomorrow (should be fine with my musical expertise :P) and french on thursday (a little bit scared..).

Can't wait til it's like the last week or two of school.. you don't really do a lot and are free to get on with important things like comparing tans and filing our nails in stuffy classrooms, dreaming about summer hols....

And I'm off again!!

kkkkkkkkkkkkk x