new frickin moon.


Good evening.

My name is Kate and I am writing to inform you of a movie I recommend you see. It is called 'New Moon' and is the second part of the very successful 'Twilight Saga'.


I saw it on it's release date on Friday with Hannah (RealFlan) at 11.45am. I never thought I would care so much about a movie to go and see one that early.

Obviously because I am a total Twilight fangal and COMPLETELY obsessed I would write about it saying it was fantastic, but it really really was. I know people who don't like Twilight, saw New Moon and suddenly like it.

It was actually a really enjoyable movie, well directed, excellent music + songs at the perfect places, fantastic acting... seriously full package. It was funny as well. And it was really good to see them smile.. because Twilight doesn't have many of those! I loved the whole earthy brown and gold colours of New Moon compared to the blues of Twilight. They were very clever with attracting the non-fans!

In fact it was so good Hannah and myself came out of the cinema, walked around town for a bit (utterly speechless), then ran back in and bought tickets for the next showing.

watch it! even if it's just to see sexy Taylor and Rob!! ;-)



  1. I. Want. To. See. This. NOW!!!! Omg I just read the book - I'm SOOOO in love with the books (you hear that, Santa?) I DESPERATELY want to see this!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nice. my friends and i are gonna see it at some point. if just for the fact that is has hot guys and air-conditioning.

  3. It was amazing. Freaking amazing.
    Amazing amazing amazing amazing...


    Love Hannah(aka RealFlan)

    TEAM ROB!!!

  4. I watched New Moon and I was laughing the entire way through. Loved it though!! The guy who played Jacob Black is my new celeb crush.

  5. I haven't seen it yet! I want to so bad! I'm so glad it was good, though...