Aloha ;)

OKKK... I really really really am going to make a vid for chicklitchicks2. I can barely call myself a member. Check us out & subscribe pleasies! Search chicklitchicks2 on YouTube.

Only a few more days of summer! Btw I mean the summer holiday, weather hasn't exactly been too summer-esque. It's sunny today but rainy and for some reason my hands are freezing.

This weekend I'm going to do a sort of review of my summer, the Songs of the Summer (renouned award. The songs that receive should be extremely honoured), what movies I saw, the best parts, what my friends and I did, etc. etc.

Just a quick post today! Have a nice weekend.

Kate xxx <3

music therapy:
kings of leon - crawl

we interrupt this blog with a... stupid... thing


Hellooo blogger world

So. Today I took my sister to see Aliens in the Attic, which was OK actually! I'll probs see Bandslam too.. can anyone give me a quick review? ?/5?

Two weeks and 1 or 2 days left of summer holidays before school begins.. eek! I know that's still plenty of time to just enjoy myself and chillax - but who wants the summer to end? School isn't bad for me, I don't dread getting up in the morning to face bullying or teachers who shout at me or bad scores or anything, I'm a good student and everything, but.. you know. School kind of seems to dominate things. It's suprisingly (not) a lot less stressful saying 'Sorry, can't see a movie today because


Sorry about stopping half way there - I lost the memory stick from my phone a few days ago and it has LOADS of photos and music on it and I was so upset when I lost it but I just looked down and THERE IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so to continue.

'..see a movie today because I am spending the day rejuvenating my hair and skin from the beach yesterday' rather than 'Sorry, can't go. Homework.'

Noo.. I will not let little niggles get me down. This year I am going to achieve a balance between working hard and still having plenty of fun. School isn't all just work.. AND it's a staff day the day New Moon comes out!!

I feel a lot better now, actually. This is what blogs are for :)

Toodles! xoxoxoxo

PS I forgot to say but can't be bothered finding the right place in this post to put it - I probably should flick over last year's revision notes, because on my road there's a garage and while my sister and I were walking past it we saw this really nice car. I asked my sis how much it was (just out of interest!) and she said, '£599. No, I mean £5099.' I must be at the peak of my summer stupidness where you forget everything you've learnt and don't even know what day it is - although that is mandatory for my summer - so I said 'Obviously, five hundred and ninety nine isn't even a number!'

It took me a few minutes to realise my mistake.

P.S.S I actually just checked with my mum that 599 is a number, in case I was actually right in thinking it wasn't. My head hurts. :S

the long awaited post. oops - sorry ;P



just saying sorry I haven't posted in a while - been pretty busy and who wants to spend the last few weeks of summer on the computer, right?

although I AM going to put up my 1st video for chicklitchicks2 soon! :) yay! :)


it's lucky I don't snore, eh?


hey guys!

haven't blogged in a while - sozzies :(

it's STILL on my list to post a video for YouTube channel chicklitchicks2. Check it out.. it's A to the MAZIN'! never said that before but there you go.

Soo I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends Bria and Roisin, both their 14th bdays were on 4th of August :) Bria's party was SO fun, we saw the Proposal which was better than I thought it would be, it was cute ;) and stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG. Seriously. I was sooo tired the next day. When we were getting ready for the day I fell asleep randomly (it was about 9am) on the pull out bed thing for about 15mins, but I was really out because I woke up with eyeliner all over my face! & apparently one of the girls said 'we should throw water over her' but instead the just sort of wet their hands and patted my face. I had no idea this was happening.

We hung around in the park and I fell asleep AGAIN. These little naps were only like 10-20 minutes long but I was in a REALLY deep sleep... they could have dragged me to the other side of the park so when I woke up they were gone.

That's what I would do.

It's lucky I don't snore, eh?

hope you're all having a good summer!