BOO! fruit salad!



Tonight I'm going trick or treating with my friend (what? you're never too old for fun!) and then staying over at hers. Guess what I'm dressing up as?

A BANANA! :) Two years ago I was a bunch of grapes with my friend. She was red grapes and I was green - I just wore all green clothes and safety pinned like 40 green balloons to myself. We were at this *crap* school disco and at the end we just threw all the balloons in the air :). I like dressing up as fruit... not sure why. There's just something so a-peel-ing about it. LOL. I swear I didn't mean to make that joke!!!

I try to make Halloween as little Halloween-ish as possible. Like tonight - I will absolutely make sure there are NO scary stories/movies/games played. You can call me a wimp or a killjoy or whatever but if I was at a sleepover and someone tried to make me do something I didn't want to do I will not hesitate to leave! Don't get me wrong, I love a good spooky story as much as anyone else but I have a limit if you know what I mean. I get really afraid of all that supernatural stuff because I do believe in the paranormal etc. And when I'm up in the sky with angel wings I don't want people on Earth messing around with my dead spirit. :-o

Sooo.. have a lovely Halloween! Don't scare yourselves too much!!! :)

Kate xxx

we gonna party like it's yo birthday.


As of two days ago, I am officially 14 years old :D

For my birthday I got a new phone..(samsung tocco lite)..itunes gift (from granny & grandad)..and a really cool necklace and bracelet that is genuine 1950s vintage stuff!! It's so nice! :)

and I had CAKE after dinner!

wish me a slightly belated happy birthday.. or I will cry. I will actually cry. Is that what you want??? NO? Good.

luuuuuuurve, Kate xxx
guess who's birthday is tomorrow?

me =]

my friend and I stayed up until midnight to book our tickets for new moon last night! she was going to do it and I'd be texting here excitedly until 00.00 but then her neighbour offered to do it (I don't know why & she doesn't either!). HOWEVER at midnight the showings didn't start until the Sunday after the Friday the movie officially opens.

We got tickets anyway though :P then this morning we checked the Odeon site again and, hallelujah, there were several showings on Friday 20th of November. I booked front row seats for 11.45am really quickly for both of us without really telling her.. so we had TWO pairs of tickets. My friend's mum cancelled the order, and my friend kind of feels bad now because her neighbour was going to give them to her niece, but it's OK now (I think). :P

Anyway, we're going to ---NEW MOON!--- Opening day, front row, 11.45am. There was actually a showing at 00.01 that Friday but I thought we might sort of fall asleep...

Fortuneately we're off school that Friday as well :)

your almost birthday girl!, Kate
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the whole teenage thing...


hi :)

my birthday in eight days! I'll be fourteen soon.. no longer a 'first year' at the whole teenage thing.. ;)

I'm going to have a small party with me and my four bezzies - we can order a pizza and eat lots of ben & jerry's and play truth or dare in our PJs - can't wait!

I kinda went off the idea of a big party after I realised how much it would cost.. venue, decorations, dj etc. Soo I think I'll save that for sweet sixteen ;)

I'll post a list of presents I expect you all to get me and email you my address. :L

(just kidding)

byeeee! xxx

you must be a bit scared


enjoying your sunday evening?


I got my Wii back on thursday! I've pretty much been living in mario world since then. It's really freaky though - if I play mariokart for too long in one day I go crazy. I hear the music EVERYWHERE! So if I'm trying to get to sleep or something all I hear is 'dun dun dun dun dundundun dun dun DA DUN da dun dun dadundun'.

Well, you all know the Mario music.

In the latest Sugar mag there was this really interesting article on teenage homelessness. One of the writers went round different places in England where there are homeless people and teens and spoke to them etc. Imagine how long the days would be if you didn't know where you were going to sleep that night, then spending the night in pure terror in case someone found you.

I'm thinking about all the people like that in Belfast right now.

Also, how people have all these prejudices/sterotypes/discrimination against homeless people. The main cause for homelessness in Northern Ireland is family and relationship breakdowns. One girl in Sugar said she ran away when her dad lost his jub, started drinking and getting violent with her and her mum. It's really sad.

And look at me, talking about how I got my Wii back a few days ago.. taking for granted there's a warm bed upstairs in a safe house...

We are all extremely lucky.


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