Doesn't Anyone Love Me?


I am upset.


Please comment! I haven't had a lot lately, and it's bringing me down, maan!

Aren't I interesting? Do you find me.. boring? I thought you liked my random ramblings?

No.. OK.



Pancake Tuesday :D


Happy Pancake Tuesday!

We made them this morning in H.E. I made about 7 - lol. But they weren't big crépe ones :(.

Is the accent supposed to be the other way on crépe? Anyhow.

Then had more for tea!

I will never eat another pancake again.

Well. For a while.

Eggs, milk and flour equals pancake power. :D

I'm skipping lots of lines in this post. My French teacher would be happy. She makes us do 'good book' homework on alternate lines, because it's 'easier to mark'. Big fat waste of trees in my opinion!

Sacré bleu!

Lent starts tomorrow - oh no. I'm off all junk food, but that could be a little unrealistic...

Perhaps only chocolate? Because choc is really the only junk that I eat.

I dunno. I'll probably change it at least three times over Lent!

There's a sharp shooting pain in my left knuckles.... hmm...


xo xo

listening to: The Script album

Short Moan


My feet are sore.
My back is sore.
My toe is sore. (Please don't ask!)

School is tiring.
School is boring, dull and a little dreary.
School is painful on my feet and back. And, apparently, big toe. 

Wait, my toe is on my sore foot.

xo xo

Purrty Cats


funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals



I reaally need a new book.

You know, a big fat one, that I can get completely lost in for a few days..

In case you didn't know, I'm a bookworm. 

Does anyone have any recommendations? Teenage novels? I like a good story :P

Sozzies that I haven't posted in a few days.

xo xo

listening to: If You Can Afford Me - Katy Perry

Big Grin :D


Well, you said you wanted a photo!

I just posted a pic of my new, non-brace smile. ;D
They look really yellow in that light! LOL! They really aren't that yellow!

I've decided I don't want to post a head-shot of myself. Not coz I think you are all creepy weirdos - just that I really haven't being doing this blog all that long... I dunno. I just don't want to yet. Maybe when I get to 100 posts or something? This is like my 39th or something.

xo xo

P.S - those white dangly things hanging from my ears are my beloved earphones. Just in case you thought I was deformed.

My Fave Quote


Officially, my fave quote. From the song 'I Was Broken' by the amazing Rob Pattinson! Love him so much, he's such a fab actor. And he's completely gorge too!! <3

'Whatever makes you blind, must make you strong.'

Isn't that so nice? 

I've subscribed to the Patty Cast - the ultimate Rob Pattinson podcast. So funny!

Just giving you an update! xD

I'm listening to.. The PattyCast - Episode 8. Alright, so it's not a song. Whatevaah!

xo xo

Valentine's Day.. <3


Sunday the 15th here - 11.39am

Happy Valentine's Day - for yesterday :P

I don't have a boyfriend or anything (woop! single ladies!) but I still like V-Day.
I made buns with Love Heart sweets on them xD. Yumm.

Then had a sleepover with one of my bezzies. We chilled and watched movies and nattered away all night! What's more fun?

On Friday (the 13th..freakaay) I went shopping - WOO! And I spent £70 on a pair of jeans and trainers!! Splashed out!! OK, so it may not be all that expensive to some of you, but I'm only 13 for flips sake. And I've had that money since October - it had to be spent.  Babycham trainers - £30 - Schuh.
Cool aren't they? Lol!

I can't find a pic of the jeans - but they are dark, skinny, with some gold detail, £40 from River Island.

Did anyone see Miley Cyrus on Saturday Night Takeaway last night? She was singing Fly On the Wall and forgot a big chunk of lyrics out of the second verse! That would be so embarrasing. And then when she was done she was smiling and waving etc but she thought the camera was off her and mouthed 'I forgot the words!' to someone beside her. Awwk. But lol.

Hope you had a nice weekend! No school tomorrow - yess!

I am listening too... The Fear by Lily Allen.


The GG Bug


I couldn't help myself.
I've caught the Gossip Girl bug!

Look, it was just on. I didn't mean to choose it on On Demand. I wasn't supposed to watch four episodes in a row. 

But I love it!
It's so cool! And who is the Gossip Girl?!?

I'd never seen it before - lol. I'd heard of it and everything, I've read interviews in mags with Blake Lively (Serena in GG), my friends occasionally bring it up...

The boys in it are pretty cute, too. That helped with the whole addiction thing.

I've started watching it from series 1. How many series are there? I. Want. Them. All.

So, I've kiiinda worked out a basic nice/mean thing.

Serena - nice, well she tries to be nice, but she has just come back from boarding school and kin d of expects things to be exactly where they left off. She's popular and everyone knows her name.

Blair - mean! Oooh I hate her. But I love her. She's acting all cold towards Serena, her bezzie. Popular.

Dan - nice, but no-one knows who he is! He bumped into Serena one day and when Serena had to quickly think on her feet to get out of a party, she pretended she had a date with him, and they are now going out. :)

Nate - I'm not sure. He's fit, though. Blair's boyf, but he has a crush on Serena.

Chuck - meeean. He's all horrible and sleeps with like four women a day.

Jenny - Dan's sis. Freshmen at the school. Nice.

Gossip Girl - or mystery girl... as no-one knows who she is. She has a website and everyone gets all the juice from it.

They're all the characters that are pretty significant in the first few episodes.

In the words of the gossip girl - you know you love me! Ex oh ex oh!

I'm listening to When Did Your Heart Go Missing by Rooney.

Kate xox



Oh yeaah.
Off school for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Yesss!!!

My concert last night. Was good, but I'm in the string orchestra, and the rest of the orchestras all sound way cooler than us, because they have brass and woodwind.

The Youth Chorale sang La Bamba. Was 'mazin! I'm listening to it now. The Los Lobos version, obvs!

School was, you know, school. We got cake in Maths, though, because it was Hammy's birthday. (Hammy is Mr.Hamilton, my maths teacher, btw). Yummo. 

I'm going shopping on Friday..woop woop. And it's SERIOUS shopping too. I'm going outfit buying with two of my friends, we're starting at 12pm sharp and won't be finished 'til around 5 I'd say. I've made a list of things to buy!! I've never done that before!! 

Just YouTube-ing. 

I already said what I was listening to..hehe. In case you forgot it's La Bamba by Los Lobos. ;)

Kate xoxox

Another Lemonade Award!!


I'm so chuffed.
Fashionably Late nominated me for a Lemonade Award!!!
That's two!!

4.) My Pink Sprinkled Blog. Kate is an absolutely "fabbity fab " blogger from England. Kate shares her wisdom, chatter [my fave], DIY's, and other musings with a great writing flair. My favorite post by Kate is Get it done, girlfriend!!! wow, that post captured my life :]

OK, OK, she made a teeny mistake, I'm from Northern Ireland, not England. But whatever, she's so nice!

I'm going to do that Lemonade Award. It defo gives me more confidence with blogging.

Nearly mid-term, once I get through tomorrow, I will be free Thursday - Tuesday!!
Woop woop xD

I've got this orchestra concert thing tonight. I play the violin, I think I've mentioned that before...
Concert dress: (girls)
White blouse
Black skirt (knee length)
Black shoes
Black tights (optional)

I'm going to make it as funkaay as poss. I might add a black belt around the shirt, with berry-red lips and nails, and smokey eyes. Yess. Who says concert dress has to be dull?!

I'm listening to Our Song by Taylor Swift. I really like her at the mo. How could Joe Jonas dump her by phone?!?

Laterz, alligatorz ;)



Hey hey

The fabbity fab author of Pouty Baby's Nonsense has nominated me for a Lemonade Award!
Aw shux, thanks Pouty xD. Her comment underneath my name was so nice. I'm not one to boast, but...

1. I nominate Kate, in Belfast, author of My Pink-SprinkledBlog! This is a brilliant young lady of 13 who writes about things of substance, and she can turn a phrase. My favorite Kate-post is "Labels. Ah They Suck" because it gives me true hope for our future.

How lovely is she?!

OK, so the main point of this post is: 'Do you want me to post a pic of myself?'

Pouty left another lovely comment saying she would love to see me without my braces, but I don't have to obvs because there are a lot of weirdos out there. 
That's true. In school we saw all this creepy vids for Internet Safety day or something. They were seriously freaky. 

Anyhow. Do you want me to? Because I wouldn't mind or anything, all of you seem pretty genuine. Although maybe that's the plan, mwah ahaha. Just kidding, just kidding. 

I still like the idea of people reading my blog and not knowing what I look like. The whole blog illusion type thing.
Whenever you've been reading someone's blog for a while, then see a pic of who's words you've been reading, it's such a strange feeling. Or when you read a really good book, then saw what the authour looks like half way through. You can't help imagining the authour writing it. Do you even know what I'm talking about? 

Although if enough people say yes I will defo put one up.

At the mo I can't stop listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift xD


Snow More Braces!!!




Just one year and a few months of train-tracks was so worth my big grin right now - my teeth are lovely and straight and clean and bright and there's no over-bite and..... :D

More fabu news - It snowed reeally heavily today! I know it's been deep in England for a while but this is the first time it's laid (layed?) today - everything is so white and beautiful.

The ice chills my hands
Snow gently lands on my hair
Beautiful white

I walk to school, listen to music and make up haiku at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

I was going to get a lift, but traffic was not moving at all, so I faced the blizzard of delicate yet sharp snowflakes and arrived at school with soaking wet hair and shoes. 
It took me 40 minutes to get to school, rather than 15. Although that snowball fight may have had something to do with it...

At the start of the morning, the amount of people in my year was equal to the amount of people in my class on a normal day.
Buses were hours late, and some people stayed at home coz they couldn't actually get to school! There wasn't much point in coming in, really, we just sat and chatted and iPod-ed with a science movie on in the very distant background.

I left halfway through maths to go to the orthodontist, but didn't go back afterwards 'cause I had a headache after. I won't give you the details, but at one point I actually thought I was going to cry and was gagging a bit when he made a mould for the retainer I'm getting tomorrow. I'm not one to make a fuss, though, and if you have braces don't be scared about getting them off, it's really not that bad. And it's so worth it!

I've decided at the end of every post I'm going to say what I'm listening to at the mo, what with me being a serious music junkie and all. So right now The Saturdays - Issues is on repeat.

Big love 
Kate xoxox

Lola Lovin' xD


Fab news!

You know the super-mazin writer girl - Lisa Clark?
You know her hipster heroine - Lola Love??

They have released fiction books!!!

Think Pink, Beauty*Licious, Viva la Diva and It's a Girl Thing should all be named 'the official teen/tween girl's handbook/s', but everyone loves a good story, so I'd like to introduce...

Livin' La Vida Lola
Lola Love and the Rainbow Hearts
Cupcakes and Glitter Shakes

Check out the post at to join the in the celebrations xD

Happy Middle-of-the-Week!

Kate xox



It's funny how much you can learn from really small things.

Sunday morning, I was just lying in bed, listening to my iPod. I hadn't played the games on it in ages, and I used to be completely addicted to the game Vortex, so I clicked on it.

I was on a level where if you smash a certain brick you get a bonus 3 balls. There are two of them, so in a few seconds I had six balls. They were smashing all the bricks and it was really hard keeping track of them. I wanted to keep the original ball (I'm weird in that way. Smidge of OCD, although I don't write my name forty times if I don't do it 'properly'.) but when I'd lost them I had no idea which it was...

...and then I realised something magnificent...!

When you're doing something, or fighting for something, that a million other people want, it can be really hard to pick out individuals. 

Say you're up in a helicopter, looking down on a crowd of 300 people, and you have to find one. It will not be easy!

Lots of things (mags, TV etc) are starting to preach 'be different' or 'stand out' instead of 'look cool' or 'lip gloss is a girls best friend'. Which it is, but, anyhow...

That's all very well, but personally I don't agree with it. I don't mean you should be a sheep, stick with the crowd and do what everyone else is doing, but if you're trying so hard to be different, that's what you'll look like. Like you're trying so hard to be something you're not.

What I believe in, is to be yourself. If you really do have a different fashion or music taste from your friends, that's great that you are being your own person and not caring what someone might say or think. But then again, if you have a real passion for music in the charts or love the clothes celebs wear and like to head out looking for a similar jacket to the one someone wore to a movie premiere etc. that's great too. Because you're being your own person, as well.

Basically what I'm saying is, don't try so hard to fit in or be different. Be yourself, and that's what will make you happy. xD